December 22, 2014 • Cee • Lists

Dear Santa, 

You didn’t think I’d forget to make my wishlist, did you? I could never forget! It’s always the most exciting and painful thing to put together my wishlist. Here are a list of things I am hoping will be under my Christmas tree. Everything here is something I desperate want because a. they’re cute, b. it’ll complete my book collection, c. it’s insanely gorgeous, or d. the author or book is a fave. I’m pretty sure I’m missing a lot (like clothing and stuff), but these are off the top of my head.

1. Pick of the Critter Bag | 2. Endsinger by Jay Kristoff | 3. Hello Lucky Letterpress Cards | 4. Happy Mail stationery subscription | 5. Lovely and Lush Bag | 6. One Day Notebooks  | 7. Persuasion (Vintage Classics) by Jane Austen | 8. Picasso Cats Silk Scarf | 9. The Wicked + The Divine Volume 1 comic  | 10. Three Ladies art print | 11. Yes Please by Amy Poehler | 12. The Raven Cycle books by Maggie Stiefvater | 13. The Shadow of the Wind (Penguin Drop Caps) by Carlos Ruiz Zafon (Not pictured)

What about you? What’s on your wishlist?


4 Responses to “Dear Santa | All I Want For Christmas”

  1. Annie says:

    These are all such cute picks, Cee! And oh my goddd, that Happy Mail subscription makes me DROOL. Everything A Beautiful Mess comes out with is beautiful and amazing and I always want it but with Happy Mail especially… And their stationary subscription with stickers is so cute too! Ahhh I just want to buy their entire shop. The Raven Cycle series is also on my list. I’ve already read them but I reallly want to own them because they were just so good!

  2. I love your bookish selections! The stationery subsciption looks so cute! I hope Santa is good to you!

  3. The narwhal!!!!

    Sorry, just saw that and it is adorable. :)

    Also, I really want Yes Please too, although I feel I need to read Tina Fey’s book as well since they both are marvelous.

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