September 10, 2013 • Cee

Thank you for visiting The Novel Hermit!

I am genuinely pleased that you want me to review your book! I am currently open to review requests from authors, publishers, and etc for any Young Adult, Children’s Literature, and literary fiction books.

Genres I am interested in:


I do not review:

  • SELF-PUBLISHED WORKS (unless I have read prior books by the author)

I prefer physical copies of the book, but I accept ebooks too. I cannot guarantee that I will accept the book for review because it depends if I’m interested in the plot. If I do not respond to your request, I have decided not to accept the request. My reviews are written honestly. All of the books I review have either been purchased by me or borrowed from the library.

You can send your request to

My reviews are solely my own. What you’ll find in my reviews —

  • a list of things I noticed – I’ve recently been doing variations of “five things I liked about this book,” “if I was the character, I would do these five things,” and etc.
  • what I liked – this is where I list the reasons I liked the books (ie. the plot, the characters, the romance)
  • what I didn’t like – this is where I list the problems I had with the book (ie. the description of characters, certain -isms that arises)
  • (other) thoughts – this is thoughts that I don’t feel can be categorized into my likes/dislikes (ie. analysis of cover art, what I thought about certain characters)
  • a grade – each book I read will be given a letter grade at the end of the review