March 31, 2014 • Cee • Monthly Recap

March was a really great month for me (despite the lack of reviews)!

  • I got that internship! I’ve been doing lots of editorial work, which I love doing! Plus, the staff is incredibly fabulous!
  • Nikki @ The Paper Sea made me the fabulous blog header and button you see before you. I am forever in love with it! I changed the colors to match the header, and I remade my meme banners and my review heading images because I was ~inspired. Thanks, Nikki!
  • My love for Lee Pace has come back full force, and I found my fangirl tv/movies/actors/actresses soulmate. (That’s you, Charlotte!)
  • I spent around five hours last Thursday laying out poems and prose pieces into InDesign for my college’s literary journal. It might not sound fun, but I really enjoy the layout process.



Yeah, this was a bad month for reviews. I only did two. :P



I got a few books, but I can’t remember what exactly I received + the books have all been packed away in boxes for the big move. :P



I actually started A Mad, Wicked Folly, but stopped because I wasn’t in the mood to read it and y’know me, I’m a free-spirited reader!



  • Here are my discussions for this past month —

— talked about being a free-spirited book picker. No reading list can contain me!
— talk about the cover change of Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen
— talk about the cover change of Legend by Marie Lu
— talk about the cover change of Red by Alison Cherry

  • I wrote two letters —

— To Victoria from The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls because she wasn’t thinking about her actions tactically.
— To Kim of The Boyfriend List because she was a crappy best friend.

  • If you missed my font posts, check them out here:

{6} | {7} — Wild Awake | {8}

  • These are the books I waited on:

Love Letters to the Dead
—  Sekret by Lindsay Smith
The Museum of Intangible Things by Wendy Wunder
Since You’ve Been Gone by Morgan Matson

  • I asked for recommendations on —

Books with Awesome Title fonts! Because I’m gonna look for similar looking fonts of the title because why not?



Well, I realize I didn’t do a lot of things I planned to do in March? And that’s okay! 

  • No XOXO: Fangirling about Romances with Cee & Kelly. We had meant to have a post up, but we forgot since midterms got in the way for Kelly and I got sidetrack adjusting to my internship.
  • Only managed to do one discussion posts for The Three C’s: Candid Conversations with Cee
  • Still haven’t found a good name for my book cover feature. I just need the perfect one, but alas, the name still hasn’t come to me. Nor have I revamped my book cover feature + a themed book cover showcase

I will just do all these things this month. :D (Hopefully.)


How was your March? Any memorable thing happen? Are you looking forward to April? (I know I am!)


5 Responses to “MONTHLY RECAP | March 2014”


    Eep your internship sounds AMAZING!

    April is going to be fantastic ;D Attachments reread with Lee Pace as Lincoln and you watching CA2! AHHHHHHHH

  2. Stormy says:

    I am definitely looking forward to April. March wasn’t *bad*(not the best month, but not bad), but it felt SO LONG. Months hardly ever seem long to me because they just fly by but seriously March was suppose to end like 2 weeks ago in my mind.

    Yay for the internship! It sounds fun. I had an editorial internship during a semester of college and while it was tough juggling that + school work + student organization I was in, it was really helpful!

    I love your new header!

  3. Congrats on getting the internship! I hope it’s awesome. The blog header is amazing, I love it.

  4. Glad you had a fantastic reading month! I was in a slump and read 0 books lol. It’ll change soon, I hope. I really like your header:D

  5. Sounds like you’ve had a great and busy month, I hope April is easy to manage your internship and you finally find a name for your Cover feature :)

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