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August 30, 2020 • Cee • Comics
All-America Comix (One-shot) by Joe Casey and Dustin Nguyen • July 1, 2020 • Image Comics

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Her last name is VASQUEZ! Her first name…says it all! And when confronted with the hidden secret of the universe, you won’t believe the cosmic truth she uncovers! Brought to you by the Wildcats Version 3.0 team of JOE CASEY and DUSTIN NGUYEN—reunited for the first time in fifteen years!


Is that America Chavez—? Oh no, it’s actually America Vasquez—an alternate America Chavez, but…not? She’s familiar with the same attitude, the super strength, and the ability to fly and travel through dimensions. All-America Comix has similar characters you’d find in Marvel works—both in personality and visuals—but with very, very small differences. Almost like bootleg versions. It doesn’t read as a ~poke fun at these characters type of story, instead it’s like a ~what could’ve been~ that takes readers absolutely nowhere.

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August 23, 2020 • Cee • Holy Mother Cover

You know what’s even better than a book with a good story? When that book has an awesome cover!

This is not your typical YA anthology-type post where I tell you these are the books that you should get on your TBR list, no siree! (There are plenty of posts for that, so I don’t want to recycle what has already been said.) This is the “look at these gorgeous YA anthology covers!!!”


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August 4, 2020 • Cee • Discussion
Look what’s back! It feels like a lifetime ago since the last time I made a “Books in Hand” post. It can’t be helped since mid-March, the world closed down, and I couldn’t go back to work. Things did change in April that allowed me to go back to work at my bookstore without the presence of customers, which was very nice. Because there were no customers from April-mid June, it’s difficult to put together this type of post. Not anymore! I’m back, baby! So without further ago, you ever want to know what people are buying in bookstores? Well, it so happens that I work at one! During the last week of February 2018, I pondered about what type of post to make for “Books in Hand.” At first, I planned to discuss all the books customers came in asking for or buying, but that’s a bit too much because everybody came in asking for different books, and I didn’t remember all of them. My boss showed me a way to check our store’s best selling books, and I found out what we sold a lot of! And that’s what this post is—seeing the top selling books of July 2020!

The Vanishing Half by Brit BennettThe Order by Daniel SilvaMy Hero Academia Vol. 24Sex and Vanity by Kevin KwanStreet Rap by Shaun Sinclair

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