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* The lovely banner was created by Charlotte with the resources I bestowed onto her.

Epic Recs is hosted by the lovely Judith (Paper Riot) and Amber (Books of Amber). It is a feature where each month, you and your partner force a book onto each other, or to put it nicely, recommend one to read. My partner in crime will be the one-and-only Charlotte of The Simple Tales. Let the fun (*ahem* pain) begin!

Oh boy, well, guys. I have to make an announcement, and that is…I failed March’s Epic Reads. *hides and cries* I never read Stormdancer. I had every intention to read it, but it just didn’t happen. The main reason: I became enamored with my OUTLAW BABES project, so I was spending a lot of my time developing and writing about my characters.

(Cee: 2, Charlotte: 3. I guess Charlotte wins this round. As if there’s something to be won here. Ha.)

epic recs april

For this month’s Epic Recs, I’m recommending Charlotte White Cat by Holly BlackThis is totally a Cee book that people need to be read. It has con artists/grifters, magical powers, male POV, and BROTHERS. ALL MY FAVORITE THINGS. Initially, I hadn’t thought much about the book when I first read it, but when I was talking about it with a friend, I realized that it had so many of my favorite tropes, and the relationship of the brothers, guys, wow. Such an emotional ride. I cannot wait until Charlotte reads it!

Charlotte recommended me The Year of Shadows by Claire Legrand. I adore Claire Legrand’s work. I’ve only read The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls, and when I think back on that book, I just remember it so fondly. What I’m most excited about The Year of Shadows is the Gothic-ness of it! I’m just a fan of that genre because I love that dark and creepy. And apparently, there’s family goodness? Yeeeessss. You can read her Epic Recs post about why she recommended me this book.

What do you think about our recommendations? Have you read either book? Tell me all about it!


3 Responses to “EPIC RECS | April 2015”

  1. Charlotte says:

    UH HUH, you’re just saying there’s nothing to be won because you’re losing :P (jk I get bragging rights HA).

    I’m so amused your reasons are in a larger font LOLLLL, oh Cee.

  2. I really liked White Cat! I’ve not read the other book but I have heard good things. I’ve not read Stormdancer either though I’ve wanted to.

  3. You know who needs to read White Cat? Jess. I don’t know why I’ve put that one off. IT SOUNDS JUST LIKE SOMETHING I’D LOVE. I think it’s because of my rather not so great Holly Black experiences. BUT my goal in life is to obviously read everything so…

    I feel like I’ve read a Legrand book but now I’m seriously doubting myself. She wrote that book about nutcrackers and weird statue love right? Or did I imagine that? Oh goodness.

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