March 17, 2017 • Cee • Holy Mother Cover


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I admit I’m a book cover snob. Who isn’t though?

Book covers are the first thing that attracts readers to a book. A good cover can draw someone is, just as a bad cover can easily draw someone away. It can essentially make or break a book. Holy, Mother Cover! is where I showcase the book covers that stand out (or make me cringe) and discuss cover changes.

(A big special thanks to Georgie at What She Reads for bestowing me this fabulous name and to Charlotte at The Simple Tales for creating the beautiful feature banner you see before you.)

Today is St. Patrick’s Day, which means it’s time to drink (responsibly, of course) and wear green!

For this Holy, Mother Cover post, I thought, “why not showcase the green YA covers of this year?” I gotta celebrate St. Patrick’s Day somehow. And voila!

Let’s check out the green Young Adult books that will be published in 2017!

TREND: Green Covers

Windfall Kale, My Ex, and Other Things To Toss in a Blender • Call Me SunflowerEnhancedThe Careful Undressing of Love

The Rattled BonesHello, SunshineJust FriendsThe Secret History of UsTo Catch A Killer

The Mind VirusThe DisappearancesA Crown of WishesCrystal BladeThe Last of August

Two Roads From Here • The Big FFrogkisserLegionDuels & Deception

The Lake EffectWhat To Say NextThe State of GraceThe Impossible Story of Olive in LoveThe Suffering Tree

What green cover do you like? Which book with a green cover are you looking forward to?


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