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from panel to panel

I love comics and graphic novels, so what do I do with that love? Well, I turn it into a new feature!

From Panel to Panel is a new feature where I talk about the awesome (and perhaps not-so awesome) comic books and graphic novels I’ve read. Basically, this will be me pushing them onto your laps. You’re welcome.


The Wicked + The Divine

Holy, fucking shit.

Excuse the language, but holy fuck, The Wicked + The Divine is fucking amazing. For those who have not taken a look at this awesome series, The Wicked + The Divine is a comic created by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie (both of Phonogram and Young Avengers fame), and published by Image Comics. It follows twelve gods incarnated as humans, who appear every ninety years, being loved and hated by the public like they are popstars, and when two years pass, they die. You have to “remember: just because you’re immortal, doesn’t mean you’re going to live forever.” Eeeeeek.

Are you intrigued? I know I was.This is just the first story arc called the Faust Act (which means there are and will be more comic issues), introducing you to the characters and the world and everything. I was ready for this ride that The Wicked + The Divine was going to take me on, and when I got in, oh boy, this comic has the most gorgeous art and coloring and just awesome characters and storyline. I became sooo obssessed.

 Eight Reasons Why You Need To Read The Wicked + The Divine

  • There’s a diverse cast of characters embodying different gods from various religions.

Holy diversity, guys! The gods here aren’t strictly Western ones; they span the entire globe. You have different types—ranging from Eastern Shinto gods to Middle Eastern gods to Irish gods—that are represented in this comic. Not only are they diverse in terms of religion, but there’s also a lot of female characters, people of color, and queer characters, which is frickin’ awesome.

  • The illustrations and coloring will mesmerize you.

Bold. Vibrant. Gorgeous. Awesome. Just take a look at the covers (which you can see at the top) or the pictures below (in the other bullet points) or this panel of Amaterasu being mesmerizing or this of Luci falling in front of a lot of Anankes. You’ll recognize the facial similarities to some of your favorite musicians like David Bowie, Rihanna, and Florence + the Machine. Do you see how gorgeous the art is? I can’t even describe how lovely it is in a way that’ll completely do it a justice. I’ll just let the art speak for itself.

  • You can read this comic in two ways: Laura, the ultimate fangirl who idolizes these gods, and Cassandra, the reporter and critic of the gods and their “so-called powers.”

The two characters, both incidentally humans, serve as a kind of guide of how you can read The Wicked + The Divine. On one hand, you have Laura, a teenager who dreams of being a god herself and inserts herself into the lives of the gods. She accepts them and fangirls the hell out of them. And on the other hand, you have Cassandra, a reporter and a critic who constantly questions the words and actions of these gods and calls out the problematic stuff. You will find yourself either flailing your arms in delight because of this comic, or taking a sort of analytical stance where you examine everything in close detail.

This comic does a beautiful job of portraying how we experience entertainment and pop culture. You’re either the person who fangirls the hell out of whoever and whatever you stan, or you’re the person who always have some criticism about that whoever/whatever, or you’re both. These characters are like you and me, and I think that’s why this comic is so relatable and awesome.

  • Eye makeup is on point. 

wicdiv makeup

It’s not something I would put on my face (if I knew how to put makeup on my face), but mannnn, there’s something so artistic about their eye make-up. If I had that skills, I would rock it too.

  • The hair game is so strong.

wicdiv hairenvy

You will envy them. Just look. I wish my hair was like that. Yeah, it’s a comic and all, but hey, you can’t deny that their hair is so fabulous.

  • These gods aren’t exactly in control of their destiny, which makes being one so ironic and beautiful.

I find that so amazingly beautiful because it’s just so ironic. What kind of god doesn’t have control of their destiny? Well, the gods in Wicked + The Divine don’t. Yes, they have powers and ability to do just about anything, but you know what they can’t do? Change the fact that they will die in two years. Their lives are already predefined. They don’t have a choice not to die; they’re rather helpless, and they vocally express their inability to choose, which is rather sad and really pulls on my heartstrings. They also have to follow strict rules they have to abide by, like ones set in their Pantheon and the roles expected of them by the public. It’s rather tragic.

  • It’s very aware of death. 

Here’s the thing: these characters know that death is inevitable, especially for them since they’re doomed to die after two years. And what else can they do about? What do you do with the rest of your life when you know Death is around the corner, waiting to knock on your door? Not sit around and wait, that’s for sure. These character can only live their life, and that’s what they do. They make something out of themselves, and in the present day, they become pop stars. What the world decides to do with them is up to them. And this comic is consciously aware of it. Hell, it’s the core of everything for these gods.

  • Because I said so.

You won’t regret it. If you’re looking for a comic to introduce you to the graphic novel world, The Wicked + The Divine is one of them. It has me obsessed! There’s sooo many layers and depths to this comic. It’ll leave you pondering for days, and you’ll find yourself theorizing about it. How can you say no to gods who are incarnated into popstars with only two years to live? You can’t!

Well? What are you waiting for? Go pick up a copy! Let these gods into your lives! 


12 Responses to “FROM PANEL TO PANEL | Why You Need To Read The Wicked + The Divine”

  1. I’ve never even heard of this but does it sound amazing. Just what I need, another comic to read. LOL

  2. Kierra says:

    You have me very intrigued, Cee. The artwork does look gorgeous and, well, their makeup and hair DO look very beautiful…maybeee I’ll try it “runs off to the Internet”

  3. Racquel says:

    Of course I wanna read this but the MAKE UP SOLD ME!!! *purchase copy right away*. Make up is completely and totally ART and its definitely the art form that gets shit on the most so it makes me so happy to see a non make up lover acknowledge its artistry (I have Many Thoughts about make up, obvi). The art here is so outstanding and I’m so glad I came across this comic because of you.


  4. Casey says:

    I really love this series, so I”m glad to see more people talking about it! And – Wayward might be right up your alley, the first volume isn’t out until April (I believe), but all first 5 issues are out, and they had short essays in the back about the mythology used. Also all the characters outfits are fantastic, also a fantastically colored series with complex stuff that’s just being touched on.

  5. Dragana says:

    I haven’t heard about The Wicked + The Divine before but I love the idea, the art and the whole setting of gods in modern environment is one of my favorite plots. Comics and me usually do not get along (I need more text, they are too short lol), but I might give this one a shot.

  6. I’m on the holds list for this at the library. It sounds awesome and your list of reasons has me even more excited to read it. That hair game IS strong.

  7. Like I mentioned a while back (I think to you, or maybe just to Twitter in general), this month I read my first-ever comic, Saga, which…holy guacamole, right? Anyhoo, once I’m done with volume 4 of that, I will probably be wanting to find a new comic obsession to binge, and somebody rec’d The Wicked + the Divine and now you’ve written this post that has me absolutely convinced that I need this series in my life. Hooray!

    Now to obtain copies… ;)

  8. I love that you are doing this feature because I want to try to read some graphic novels this year and I have no idea where to start. I did read Through the Woods last year and liked it a lot.

  9. HOLY I WAS JUST LOOKING AT THIS ONE THE OTHER DAY but I put it down because I thought “Jess, you don’t really read graphic novels”. But I was hella impressed by the blurb. THIS is the type of story that I want to read. And I may have to make an exception because this sounds amazing PLUS Sana loves and you love it and gah, yeah. I need this one. I want to see this ironic tale unfold. Yup, you’ve convinced me!

  10. I need this in my life! I was debating getting this a couple of weeks ago and didn’t, so much regret!! The art is awesome and I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

  11. Megan says:

    Cee, I think you’ll be happy to know that I ordered this from TBD a couple of weeks ago. I saw both you and Sana raving about it on Twitter and just couldn’t exist. AND I CAN’T WAIT. The covers are just so gorgeous and artsy and I love the color play for all of them. Also, the eye makeup is perfection. Even though I can’t even draw eyeliner on my lids to save my life, I have dreams.

    I love that there are gods from different religions, too! Usually it’s just a bunch of gods from a single culture/religion clumped together — not much diversity. I’m not sure how the dual-narrations thing is gonna work in a comic, but it sounds intriguing. And duuuude, don’t tell me the entire comic is in color?? I would DIE if that was the case. My eyes wouldn’t be able to take the pretty. *O*

    Now I just need to wait a century for the first volume to actually arrive. *shakes fist at TBD’s slow shipping*

    P.S. If you’re looking for a good comic (well, this is a manga, but the official English translated edition will be releasing in June), you should totally try Tokyo Ghoul. You’ve probably seen me raving about it, but yeah. It’s good. It’s fucking epic. And the art style will make you weep for joy, especially the watercolor illustrations.

  12. Ever since I’ve taken English 101 (last semester) , I’ve been hooked on to comics/graphic novels because of my English professor. She’s a big fan of comics and when she made us read Fables by Bill Willingham, it made me want to look for more comic books! I will definitely read this one. I’ve seen it around booktube and Goodreads and it sounds amazing! My only worry about reading comics is that it will be hard for me to read because I’m not used to reading books with pictures. I actually prefer books with no pictures. I love it when it’s just all words flowing from left to right. When there’s a picture, I obviously have to stop and look at it, then keep reading then stop again etc. We’ll see.

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