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Dear Victoria Schwab and This Savage Song,

This book = ultimate heart eyes!

There’s no such thing as safe in a city at war, a city overrun with monsters. In this dark urban fantasy from acclaimed author Victoria Schwab, a young woman and a young man must choose whether to become heroes or villains—and friends or enemies—with the future of their home at stake.

Kate Harker and August Flynn are the heirs to a divided city—a city where the violence has begun to breed actual monsters. All Kate wants is to be as ruthless as her father, who lets the monsters roam free and makes the humans pay for his protection. All August wants is to be human, as good-hearted as his own father, to play a bigger role in protecting the innocent—but he’s one of the monsters. One who can steal a soul with a simple strain of music. When the chance arises to keep an eye on Kate, who’s just been kicked out of her sixth boarding school and returned home, August jumps at it. But Kate discovers August’s secret, and after a failed assassination attempt the pair must flee for their lives.

In This Savage Song, Victoria Schwab creates a gritty, seething metropolis, one worthy of being compared to Gotham and to the four versions of London in her critically acclaimed fantasy for adults, A Darker Shade of Magic. Her heroes will face monsters intent on destroying them from every side—including the monsters within.Goodreads

Here are my reasons why I want to read this book:

  • Everything Victoria Schwab writes is pure gold. I adore everything she’s written—The Archived series, Vicious, and A Darker Shade of Magic. I’m always so impressed and yearning for more of her writing. She’s an absolutely wonderful wordsmith, and I need everything she’s written in my life!
  • You get two characters both yearning to be somebody else. Kate Harker’s a human who wants to be a monster, and August Flynn is a monster who wants to be a human. Such opposites! They value different things, and I’m excited to see when they interact to see whether their values and personality clash or complement each other.

  • Music is intertwined into the story. Oh my god, so, a person’s soul can be stolen by a strain of music? What?! I’m so excited to see how music is woven into the story and how important it is. Just—music, guys!
  • Victoria once described it as “Sin City + Romeo and Juliet – romance + monsters.” I was instantly convinced.

Who else is excited about this book?




3 Responses to “SINCERELY, CEE | A letter from yours truly to Victoria Schwab & This Savage Song”

  1. I’m insanely excited for this one and I’m happy I got an ARC from Edelweiss, which I hope to read soon. :D

  2. Ahhh!!! This book can’t come soon enough. It just can’t. My favorite Schwab novel is still Vicious. We shall see if that changes after reading this one.

  3. Alexa S. says:

    It was the Romeo & Juliet bit that did me in with this one – I immediately wanted to read it after learning that. Here’s to me and you reading it and falling in love with it (and to me reading the rest of her novels) :D

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