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Summer of Sailor Scouts

Welcome to the Summer of Sailor Scouts! (Aka July!)

Earlier this year, Alexa of Alexa Loves Books, Cristina of Girl in the Pages, Kristin of Super Space Chick, Sierra of SDavReads, and I all discovered that we shared a mutual love and appreciation for Sailor Moon! After exchanging plenty of flailing tweets and constantly bringing up our love for this magical girl story, we felt it was only right to celebrate it, and that’s what’s happening this July! Every week will feature a brand new blog post per day from each of us, and we’re excited to be sharing the Sailor Moon love with all our readers!

In this week of Summer of Sailor Scouts, we are talking about our favorites! While most of the other ladies are talking about a bunch of favorites, I decided to talk about one of my favorite and most fabulous villains—Ayakashi Sisters.

The Ayakashi Sisters (also known as the Negamoon sisters and Spectre sisters) are a quartet of sisters who are part of the Black Moon Clan. All four have the black upside down crescents on their forehead, and are the evil counterpart of the inner Sailor Scouts. The sisters consist of Kōan (Catzi), Berthier (Bertie), Calaveras (Avery), and Petz (Prizma).


Koan (Catzi) is the youngest sister who wears a pink pinstripe outfit with the purple tutu, and has cat ear-like purple hair. She’s the evil counterpart of Sailor Mars. She cares a lot about her makeup and how she looks. Don’t mess up her makeup or her hair, or she’ll mess you up.


Berthier (Bertie) is the second youngest sister who wears a light blue plunging neck-line leotard, and wears her hair in a braid. She’s Sailor Mercury’s evil counterpart. She’s exceptionally smart, but when push comes to shove, she’ll cheat to get her way.



Calaveras (Avery) is the second oldest sister who wears a gold bustier with a red skirt, and has her hair in a tight bun held on by a gold bow, and carries a whip. She’s the evil counterpart of Sailor Venus. She does nothing but tease her sisters, and fights a lot with Petz.



Petz (Prizma) is the eldest sister who wears a short green minidress over dark green tights and has her green hair short. She is the evil counterpart of Sailor Jupiter. She’s strong, and very touchy about her relationships. She has a lot of excellent lines especially these that I identify with so much: one + two.


I love the bond these ladies have with each other. All four may fight with each other, but that’s what sisters do. I especially love Koan and Berthier’s relationship because it’s sweet and supportive, and Calaveras and Petz because it’s more teasing and antagonizing. At the end of the day, these sisters have nobody but each other. They’ll have each other’s backs no matter what.

All these ladies are fashion forward; they always look so fabulous every time they appear on the screen. (Villains can look fabulous too!) I was always envious of their outfit when they were pretending to be normal human beings while enacting their evil plan to take over what would’ve became Crystal Tokyo. (Just take a look at 1. Koan 2. Berthier, and 3. Calaveras and Petz.) They wore such ICONIC outfits!

They are pretty shallow, but that’s okay. I love them still. They are people who deserve a second chance in life, despite the bad they have done, and they get that! They didn’t have to be villains anymore. They can write their own story and their own happiness. The Ayakashi sisters’ storyline is amazing to see because they have grown so much.

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Who is your favorite villain in Sailor Moon? Tell me who and why! 


5 Responses to “Summer of Sailor Scouts • Favorite Villain!”

  1. I always found Ail and Ann from the first part of R to be like the best. Unpopular choice, I know, but I just loved how annoying they were

  2. Kristin says:

    Yes!!! The Ayakashi Sisters are fabulous! I basically chose Black Lady as my favorite villain because of her outfit lol! I do love these ladies too. They make for such an interesting band of villains!

  3. I love The Ayakashi Sisters, especially how they mirror the scouts, I love the juxtaposition of each scout with their parallel sister. It adds such an interesting dynamic to the show.

  4. I always loved the Negamoon Sisters, as I knew them!! They were always so entertaining and I loved that they represented the evil counterparts of the Sailor Scouts. This has made me really nostalgic for Sailor Moon, I must watch them again and soon!

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