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The YA Book Cover Choice Awards (aka YABCCAwards) aim to honor all the wonderful (and not-so wonderful) book covers that were published in the past year. It will be nominated and voted by readers (à la Goodreads Choice Awards and the *Book Shimmy* Awards) for the best cover design in each categories. It’s the only time judging a book by its cover is highly encouraged.

And so, we begin! It’s nominations time for the 2015 YA Book Cover Choice Awards!

What You Need To Know

  • This is the nominations round.
  • The book you nominate has to have been published in 2015.
  • VOTE ONLY BASED ON THE COVER DESIGN (unless it’s interior design).
  • Nominate the book you believe best fits that category.
  • You can nominate UP TO FOUR books for each category.
  • You don’t have to fill out all the categories at once. You can come back later.
  • For your reference, here is a gallery of books published in 2015!
  • If you have questions or need clarifications, feel free to ask them and I will answer. :)
  • Nominations will end November 20, 11:59 PM PST.
  • Last but not least, have fun! Spread the word. Share this with friends and force them to vote!

Please take the time and look through the gallery of 2015 books. I know people will nominate for the more well-known books, but there are other great ones that aren’t as popular. I want all covers to have an equal chance!


  • Open up this nominations post and the 2015 book gallery in separate tabs, so that you can write down the covers in whatever category you deem appropriate easily on the nominations form.)
  • Have the 2015 book gallery loaded out, so you can scroll all the way to the bottom.
  • Sent aside an hour or so to nominate book covers because this will take A LOT of time. (I’m not kidding.)

At the end of the 2015 YA Book Cover Choice Awards, a lucky participant will win a copy of whatever 2015 YA book they want! Yayyyy.


  • This giveaway is opened internationally.
  • It will run from November 12 to December 11, 2015.
  • You must be 13 years (with your parent’s permission) or older.
  • You will be disqualified if you pick up entries you haven’t done.
  • If the winner does not respond to my e-mail within 48 hours, I will have to choose another winner.
  • I am not responsible for any items lost in the mail.

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What categories are you excited for? Spread the word about this awesome cover awards! I’d really appreciate it. Come talk to me on Twitter using #YABCCAwards!


19 Responses to “2015 YA Book Cover Choice Awards! · Nominations time!”

  1. Ahh this was so hard though. XDD Some categories were really hard to choose.

  2. Aentee says:

    Omg this was so hard. Especially the best dressed category because all the dresses this year looks the same to me. My brain and eyes are sorely fried. I might have voted Vengeance Road for everything bc that cover is so boss in every way. Yes. Vengeance Road for everything.

  3. Aaaah! I love those awards! I know that people always say not to judge books by it’s cover, but I have to admit to that the probability of me buying a book being a lot higher if I like the cover. Otherwise I often don’t even look at he blurb. I like the fonts that are currently used – the ones that look like they are written by pencil or on a chalk board!

  4. Karen Blue says:

    This was really tough! I spent at least an hour voting. I admit to changing my answers for some, even with 4 options it was really hard to narrow it down. This is such a fun idea. I can’t wait to see the results.

  5. Shared :) Great idea… I LOVE looking at covers!

  6. Picking one cover for every category was really hard. I think I will go back later and add some more, but this already took me about 30 minutes, haha.

  7. Annie says:

    OH MY GOD YES CEE I AM SO EXCITED THE YABBC’S ARE BACK. having a hard time thinking of covers to nominate though. i feel like they are in the back of my mind but for some reason, i just can’t conjure them up? will take a look around goodreads and come back!! but yay so happy this is back! :)

  8. I am SOOOO glad this is back! And I totally did not just spend, like, an hour choosing my covers. IT WAS SO HARD. There were actually more “disappointed in this cover” covers than I was allowed to nominate. EEP.

    But I found some super gorgeous ones I’d never seen before, and nominated those in their respective categories so YAY :D

    (Also, I nominated the Aussie Lair of Dreams as the best foreign, but it’s not in your gallery :O).

    I’m so excited to see what everyone loves! (And was disappointed in LOL.)

  9. This was SO FUN and also so hard. I won’t even admit to how long this took me, because it is an embarrassingly long amount of time. I was analyzing my choices, and I think I got carried away ;) Have you ever seen the “FInal Four” episode of How I Met Your Mother? With Barney and the women, and he narrows down the pool like with the Final Four? That’s what I felt like hahaha.

  10. SDFGHJKL;SSDJ the best thing about the year ending? THIS FANTASTIC COVER AWARDS THING. i’m such a cover snob and participating in last year’s voting was so much fun! it was nice to go through most of this year’s covers (through that spectacular tumblr blog you conjured) and shamelessly judge/fangirl over the art. i’m excited to see how this turns out!! <333

  11. This is such a great award!! I didn’t participate last year, because well, I wasn’t aware this existed!! *shame on me, I know*. Alright, so I’m definitely going to browse all the book covers right now and cast my votes! :D

  12. Heidi says:

    AHH! I am going to have to totally dig through and figure this out. So many choices.

  13. Oh my gosh, this year has brought out some pretty gorgeous covers, and I especially LOVE all the ones with beautiful typography! Hurrah for hosting this (how does that work anyway? I would love to try next time) awesome nomination round, and may the best book covers win :)

  14. This was so much fun! I can’t wait to see what everyone voted for! I’m the most excited for the best cover and illustrated covers! It was hard to vote, because there were so many great covers this year! I do wish there was an ugliest cover category!

  15. THIS IS SUCH A COOL IDEA. I swear, covers are getting better every year. I do love the minimalist ones :)

  16. Megan C. says:

    This is such a great idea! It was so hard to choose for a lot of the categories, especially best overall and best typography! I’m looking forward to seeing if what I chose makes it to the next round :)

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