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I love fonts. You can say I’m obsessed with collecting them all. It’s no secret to those who know me. You’re Just My Type is a new feature where I showcase the fonts I absolutely adore and use. And hopefully, you will love the fonts I pick. Add all of them to your font collection! Let it grow!

It has been a sad few weeks, hasn’t it? And it’s because of the lack of font posts, right? (I say yes. ;D)


Designed by James T. Edmondson

“Based on the signage for the Cup and Saucer Luncheonette in New York.”

Duke makes me think of these two things: 1. the university and 2. the title because of its name. Though, the font look doesn’t remind me of either.

The black in the letters makes it look as if it has a shadow, which thus, makes it pop. The font works best if you have a dark background. It looks like the letters have been carved into the page. Great for engraving!


Designed by Lexi Griffith

Inspired by the circuitry of lightbulb filament and wiring intricately crossing paths.

Tesla looks very futuristic. I feel like I should be wearing those Google glasses or I should be seeing holograms and whatnots. It also reminds me of glass. (It needs a “handle with care” sign.)

This font is perfect for titles if you’re doing a futuristic banner or poster.


Designed by Mario Arturo

Halo Handletter just gets that Beyonce song stuck in my head. (I didn’t ask for it!)

This is another fabulous cute handwriting font that I wish was my own handwriting. It works well if you’re writing a note or a birthday card. Just about any idea you have will work with this font.


Designed by Sentinel Type

Bright lights, big city, and Broadway. That’s what I think of when I see Adam Gorry. (Really odd name for a font, yes?)

If you’re thinking of going big with Adam Gorry, do it! It works perfect in a huge font size. How else will people know that the white circles are supposed to be the lights? I can see it on signs about glitzy events or Broadway shows.


Which font is your favorite? I really like Adam Gorry because of the lighttttts. If you missed previous font post, voila!


9 Responses to “YOU’RE JUST MY TYPE | {16}”

  1. I love these posts and may I say your feature header is SO PRETTY, as is your design but-. ;)
    I think I like…TESLA the best just because it’s so different and abstract, :)
    AWESOME POST, am now going to stalk all the other ones…

  2. ADAM GORRY FTW! I love the quote that goes with it as well xD

    Tesla is very unique, but with the small font, it’s quite hard to read! Duke is pretty cool. It reminds me of a horse I used to know. And Halo hand letter … (HALOOO HALOOO HALOOOOOOO) dang it, now it’s stuck in my head…..

  3. Adam Gorry is such a weird name. Although I like that font the best, so whatevs. Tesla is also pretty sweet, although you’d probably just use it on one word for emphasis because it does look crazy to read a sentence.

  4. I love Tesla and I agree, it would be great for futuristic titles or science-fiction. It reminds me of Tron a little bit. I like all the other fonts as well except for Duke, and I don’t know why.

    It’s a Book Life

  5. Annie says:

    Oh, I love Tesla! It’s such a unique font. I don’t think I’ve seen one at all like it to date. Do you think my science teacher would give me extra marks if I used that font on my project? ;) And Adam Gorry is so cute too! I love all types of Broadway themed fonts especially ones with the little light bulbs. There’s another one that has little light bulbs in it as well but I can’t remember the name… Spotlight? I’m not quite sure but I’m certain that it’s in PicMonkey’s catalogue of fonts.

  6. I really like Duke and the Halo one. So cute! I’m not really a fan of Tesla for some reason…it kind of makes my eyes hurt haha.

  7. Leigh says:

    Wow Tesla looks like it would be a good font on a sci-fi book and Duke would look awesome in a fantasy book!

  8. Surprisingly I’m really liking Tesla, I just love how unique it looks and all the disconnecting layers. Awesome find doll!

  9. I freaking love Tesla!! Halo Handletter is nice, too. Thanks for sharing :)

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