July 4, 2014 • Cee • Holy Mother Cover


In honor of this glorious day (which is also known as Independence Day), I decided to compile books into the United States flag for funsies! Voila!

To my fellow Americans, Happy Independence Day!! And to my international friends, happy July 4th! I hope all of you have a fabulous day. I will be off celebrating with my friends! :D


*I know this isn’t an exact replica of the American flag, but let’s just pretend there’s 13 stripes. :P
** Please do not steal the book cover flag graphic. I took time and effort to make it. You can use it, but you must credit me.



  1. Oh Cee, I love this and each book is rather awesome I see :).
    Happy 4th July and have lots of fun!

    From your British friend ;)

  2. Happy 4th of July Cee <3 (The flag looks awesomeeeee, WORTH THE EFFORT ;D)

    Go have loads of fun and PARTAYYYYYYY~ (Also hi Seb! that gif will never not be iconic).

  3. Very cool! Happy 4th!

    And I love that gif. I forgot he was in that movie. :)

  4. Annie says:

    Wow, this is amazing! I’m not American but now I wish I were so I could do this! The Canadian flag would just be too hard to make. Happy Fourth of July! :)

  5. Claire says:

    How did you even…. do this? Haha it’s amazing! Enjoy your Independence day! I won’t ve home for my country’s own :(

  6. LOVE! I hope you have a wonderful 4th!

  7. It’s so beautiful! Wonderful job, Cee, and happy independence day! :D

  8. I just knewwww you were going to include a Seb gif somewhere and I WAS RIGHT! No complaints there. ;) Anyways, this was such a fantastic idea and I love the books you chose. Never knew there were so many red and white and blue covers, lol.

    Happy 4th, Cee! (On a 5th!)

  9. Very creative! I love that you chose not just blue books but books with stars in them as well! Hope you had a great 4th of July!

  10. So beautiful and awesome and just the best. *goes back to staring*

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