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too mch tbr feb

More books keep piling onto my TBR list. I can’t see the horizon! When will I be done? I need to get so much reading done in February. At least I’m reading more books than I was during this time a year ago!

For those who do not know, Too Much TBR is a way to help me see which books I really need to read and tackle them. Is it effective? Perhaps. It helps a lot seeing a visual of the books on my TBR pile.

Let’s discuss what I read last month, and what I’m reading this month!


Let’s see, I had twelve books I wanted to read, and I managed to get through half of it (DNF included).

I’ve read and finished Firsts, Shallow Graves, Rebel Bully Geek Pariah, and Symptoms of Being Human. I also Written in Red (The Others #1), which I enjoyed a lot, and Sex Criminals Vol. 1, which was a hilarious read. I’ve officially DNFed Anna and the Swallow Man (because it didn’t keep my attention) and The Word for Yes (because the characters grated on my nerves).

I have half of All The Birds in the Sky read (I am really enjoying the discussions of nature vs technology in it) and part of Salt to the Sea, so I’m hoping to finish them real soon!


  • I’ll be seeing Victoria Schwab at the end of the month, so I gotta do a read of A Darker Shade of Magic. It’s imperative! (Did you hear about V’s big news? I’m so excited, yeeeeee!)
  • Like I said in the above, I have All The Birds in the Sky and Salt to the Sea partially read. I’m hoping to finish it soon, but with my reading slump, I’m unsure.
  • The two February books I absolutely have to read are Riders (four horsemen, hells yes!) and The Girl from Everywhere (time traveling pirate ship). Riders is always on my priority list, but I’m never in the mood.

Note: All these books here do not account for other books that may slip into my TBR list (because mood reading will probably happen) nor of the comics I will be reading. I’m sure I missed other books I want to read this month too, but since I can’t remember, it must not be priority, right? Let’s hope I make a dent in my TBR books for December!

How was your January? Tell me what’s on your February TBR list. Have you read any of the books on my lists? Or are you planning to read them? 


8 Responses to “TOO MUCH TBR · February 2016”

  1. I’m only planning to read three books in February because either I’m not going to read more or I’m going to change my mind. But for right now I’m planning on reading Outlander, Soulless, and The Wrath and the Dawn.

  2. Alexa S. says:

    I’m always trying (and failing) to catch up on my TBR! But I can’t complain – having a ton of books to pick from is a privilege for sure. I thought I wasn’t going to be reading a lot in January (since I was going through winter blues), but I ended up reading just about my normal number AND ending on a high note, which was lovely! I still need to read A Darker Shade of Magic, and I SWEAR I intend to do it. ON MY LIFE.

  3. Krystianna says:

    Salt to the Sea sounds so good. I really hope you enjoy it! I feel like I’m constantly trying to keep up with my TBR! I read 20 books last month but I feel that I still have quite a few books left.
    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian

  4. Steph says:

    Looks like a lot of fun ones, good luck reading :)

  5. The Girl From Everywhere is freakin’ awesome! I need to reread it ASAP. I’m dying to read A Study in Charlotte, and AGOS, obviously. My copy of Salt to the Sea arrived a couple of days ago and it’s been SO HARD to not pick it up. I’m going to have to read it this weekend because I can’t take the anticipation much longer XD

  6. Sabrina Fox says:

    I got the chance to read You Were Here and I loved it! You definitely (probably) will not regret reading it. I want to read a ton of those books as well but I have other ARC’s to read. I’m on Eleanor currently, then going to dive into the ARC’s finally.

  7. Joann Downie says:

    Here is something that might help you- it’s a monthly meme held at Because Reading, you can vote on what book to read for that month-that will help your TBR pile, here is my link if you’d like:


  8. I actually wanna read so much more stuff for February, but alas, I think I’ll limit myself to a few and focus on my goals…

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