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The internship program at the Time Museum is a little unusual. For one thing, kids as young as twelve get to apply for these prestigious summer jobs. And as for the applicant pool . . . well, these kids come from all over history.

When Delia finds herself working at the Time Museum, the last thing she expects is to be sent on time-traveling adventures with an unlikely gang of kids from across the eons. From a cave-boy to a girl from the distant future, Delia’s team represents nearly all of human history! They’re going to need all their skills for the challenge they’ve got in store . . . defending the Time Museum itself!

If you found a secret museum containing all types of artifacts and people that are from different time periods, you would visit that place in a heartbeat, right? The Time Museum is that place that will show you all the wonders in the world you’re missing out on. This place is heaven on Earth for a girl like Delia Bean.


  • You’ll see so many awesome things you couldn’t imagine seeing.

From extinct species like dinosaurs to robots from the future, The Time Museum has so much awesomeness to offer visitors. Everywhere you look, this museum is so rich in artifacts from the past and the future. You’ll want to visit all the exhibits that are displayed here and meet everybody who passes through here or works here. The Time Museum is the place to be.

  • You get to time travel.

If you’re lucky enough to be chosen to become an intern or an employee at the Time Museum, you will get to time travel! However, first, you must compete against others for the coveted position which has you racing throughout the past and the future. For Delia Bean, that’s exactly what she has to do—go through a series of trials competing with other kids from different time periods. In The Time Museum, you’ll learn about how to time travel and the job. Time traveling is something that requires enthusiasm, stamina, and knowledge. It’s tough, but exciting.

  • You’ll meet people from different time periods.

That’s one of the beauties of time traveling. You will encounter people who live entirely different lives in a different time period than you. Because of the competition for the coveted internship at The Time Museum, Delia meets kids who live in the past or the future—there’s Michiko Oda, a Japanese girl from 2030s; Reggie Palmer, a geek; Titus Valerius Marianus, a boy from Ancient Rome; Dex, a smart neanderthal, and Greer Wedderburn, a Scottish girl who has time traveled before. They’re people Delia has to compete against, but when you’re running away from dinosaurs or finding tears in time.

  • It’s just a lot of fun.

Who wouldn’t want to time travel? You’ll encounter so many awesome people and creatures; find artifacts you never knew existed; fight renegade time travelers; and so much more.

Who will love this comic? Time travelers. Science or history lovers. People who appreciate museums. Readers who want a fun graphic novel about time traveling!

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