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In March, my TBR was very small. Four books small. And the small TBR did absolute wonders because I read most of the books I intended to review and then some.

For those who do not know, Too Much TBR is a way to help me see which books I really need to read and tackle them. Is it effective? Perhaps. It helps a lot seeing a visual of the books on my TBR pile.

Let’s discuss what I read last month, and what I’m reading this month!


In February, I wanted to read four books (and additional comics in preparation to meeting Chip Zdarsky), and well, my friends, I think I was pretty successful.

Book I read and finished:

Comic I read and finished:

  • The Stone Heart: A fabulous sequel to The Nameless City. Shit goes down here, and my jaw totally dropped.
  • ODY-C Vol. 1: The writing is absolutely spectacular. Very lyrical/poetic.
  • Sex Criminals Vol. 1-3: Hilarious. I love when it gets all meta.
  • Jughead Vol. 1: What a crazy imagination that Jughead has.
  • Howard the Duck Vol. 0 + 1: So delightful! I love when the writers of comics make fun of superhero characters (and in this comic, it was Spider-Man).

I’m currently reading:


Note: All these books here do not account for other books that may slip into my TBR list (because mood reading will probably happen) nor of the comics I will be reading. I’m sure I missed other books I want to read this month too, but since I can’t remember, it must not be priority, right? Let’s hope I make a dent in my TBR books for April!

How was your March? Tell me what’s on your April TBR list. Have you read any of the books on my lists? Or are you planning to read them? 


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  1. Tasya says:

    I also have Geekerella on my tbr! I’ve heard amazing things about it and I can’t wait to read it!

  2. These all look really good. My coworker said Geekerella was super cute and fun! Happy reading!

  3. I had a pretty lame reading month in February, but I rocked my March reading list! I read 8 books which is a ton for me! I have a less-ambitious TBR for April, just about 4-5 books.

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