December 19, 2019 • Cee • Discussion

Another year, another reflection of things I wished I had done with my blog.

But no, this is a celebration. A celebration for still trying to be on the book blogging grind—albeit quieter, and that’s okay because the revving of the blog will get louder with time.




With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s hard for me to settle down and write a proper reflection/celebration post, so like last year, let me recommend some books I read this year that you should definitely read:

(I actually haven’t finished a lot of books this year, so the list isn’t as vast as I like it to be.)

Now I’m off to work!


2 Responses to “The Novel Hermit’s Lucky Number Seven Blogoversary!!!”

  1. Happy 7th blogoversary!!!!!!!

  2. Happy blogiversarry! 7 years is an amazing achievement! :D

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