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Prepare yourselves, my dear friends!

The YA Book Cover Choice Awards is back!

You might be asking what are you talking about? If you weren’t here for last year, I began pondering why there weren’t any awards for YA covers! We need appreciation for those gorgeous book covers, don’t we? Hence, the birth of YA Book Cover Choice Awards. (It’s quite a mouthful.)

The YA Book Cover Choice Awards (aka YABCCAwards) aim to honor all the wonderful (and not-so wonderful) book covers that were published in the past year. It will be nominated and voted by readers (à la Goodreads Choice Awards and the *Book Shimmy* Awards) for the best cover design in each categories.

You can look at here at last year’s YA Book Cover Choice Awards to get an idea of what to expect, but essentially:

  • Anybody can participate.
  • The books have to be published in 2015.
  • NOMINATE AND VOTE ONLY BASED ON THE COVER DESIGN (unless it’s interior design). (“Judge a book by its cover” applies here.)
  • For your reference, here is a gallery of books published in 2015!

Last year, we had a lot of people voting. This year, I hope we can double the amount! I will need your help in spreading the word!

The tentative schedule is:

  • Thursday, November 12, 12 AM (PST) to Friday, November 20, 11:59 PM (PST): Nominations!
  • Monday, November 23, 12 AM (PST) to Sunday, November 29, 11:59 PM (PST): Semi-finals round!
  • Wednesday, December 2, 12 AM (PST) to Tuesday, December 8, 11:59 PM (PST): Final round!
  • Final results post: Friday, December 11

I think that should cover it. ;D If you have questions, feel free to ask in the comments, or you can catch me on Twitter with the hashtag #YABCCAwards!

(*The book in the banner is credited to freepik.)

Who else is excited? I hope you all can take part in this awesome awards for book covers! Also, don’t forget to spread the word! 


5 Responses to “Announcing 2015 YA Book Cover Choice Awards! — Prepare yourselves!”

  1. Alexa S. says:

    Yessssss! I’m excited about this!

  2. YESSSSSSSSSS I’m so excited for thissssssssss

  3. Sarah J. says:

    This sounds like a lot of fun. I’m definitely excited to participate!

  4. I am so very excited! I just voted for the nominations today. I may have taken over an hour, but it was worth it. I had fun!

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