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All Jimmy Yee wants to do is die.

However, every attempt he makes to kill himself—hanging, cutting his wrist with a razor, shooting himself—doesn’t seem to work. He wakes up the next day, alive and well, and has to kill himself again. It’s Groundhog Day for him, but that certainly can’t be it especially with dead bodies piling up. Eventually, it all clicks in Jimmy’s head.


  • Demons Volume 1 is not for everybody. 

Children, avert your eyes, this graphic novel is not for you. Adults, if you’re screamish or are triggered by depictions of murder, suicide, or drug use, avoid this graphic novel. However, if you are able to push through these things, you’ll find a riveting story about a man who cannot die and how the deaths work.

  • Jimmy cannot die. 

Every time he kills himself or dies, he wakes up alive. Jimmy can’t die even though he desperately wants to. Is Jimmy in a time loop, forever doomed to repeat his suicides? Or did he imagine his deaths? Did he die and go to hell? I cannot say any more about why he cannot die, but you guys, when you learn of the reason, hold onto your seats ‘cause you’ll be zipping through this graphic novel quickly!

  • It’s dark and gory.

You gotta have a core of steel (or close to it) to be able to read this graphic novel without cringing. It is really dark in content and humor. This graphic novel starts off with multiple suicides, which turns blood and gory fast. (When I say gory, I mean it.) There’s headless body stumps and brain splatters. It depicts suicides, drug use, and nudity. It won’t make you lose your lunch or dinner, so that’s a thumbs up.

  • It has its funny moments.

You wouldn’t think anything about this graphic novel would be funny, right? It really depends on your humor. I found certain situations Jimmy finds himself ridiculous and weirdly hilarious, and I will only give you a hint and that’s: cum.

  • The art fits well with the story. 

Initially, I thought I wouldn’t like the art, but I was wrong. The art leans toward the simplicity, which works so well with the story. Every feeling that Jimmy and the other characters experience—guilt, pain, fear—are expressed through his eyes. Jason Shiga has a great command of what he wants to be conveyed and how he wants it to affect readers.

  • It’s addicting. 

I can’t stop reading Demon! Even though I was uncomfortable with certain things that happened (the depictions of suicide), I needed to know why Jimmy Yee was alive, why he has this ability, and what the OSS agent want from Jimmy. I got sucked in, and I have no doubt it will do the same to you.

Who will love this comic? Readers who like reading really dark and morbid graphic novels. Not for the faint of heart. Horror-mystery lovers.

[note note_color=”#DDB349″ text_color=”#ffffff”]Are you convinced? Add to your TBR on Goodreads. Go buy Demon Volume 1 from your local comic book store, or these online retailers: Amazon · Barnes & Noble · The Book Depository · Indigo. Or borrow it from your library.

Find Jason Shiga here: Website · Twitter.[/note]

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