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Everyone, today is Rachel Hawkins’s birthday! Go shower her with love @LadyHawkins!

(For those who unfortunately do not know who she is, to which I say, SHAME ON YOU, she wrote the Hex Hall series.)


Dear Rachel Hawkins (or for the better part of today, the fabulous birthday girl!),

I want to wish you a big happy birthday! <3

(I tried to find a Kit Harington gif that was close to excitement, but I couldn’t since Kit Harington always has that sad face. ;D)

I looooovvveeeee your Hex Hall series. Your books are actually what brought me back into reading Young Adult novels back in 2011. After I saw a few of my friends discussing and fangirling the hell out of Hex Hall, I thought to myself, “maybe I should read this series? Witches are always awesome and the main character’s love interest has an awesome name. Plus, I hear the friendships in this book is frickin’ amazing and it apparently has my type of humor? Why not give it a read?”


I fell in love with everything about the first book. I wanted to devour more of your books, but the next one wasn’t due to come out until the next year. You know what I did? I started to look for other YA books. It was rather strange tbh. Prior to finding your books (which was in 2011), YA was a genre I tended to avoid because I was dissatisfied with most of the books I came across. But boom! Hex Hall appeared out of the mysterious mist, calling for me to read its pages. I found myself invested in Sophie Mercer and Archer Cross, the friendships they form, the mean girls who were more than what they appeared to be, and everybody and everything! I felt for these characters, which I never had been able to when I read. I wanted to clutch everybody to my chest. (I still do.)

Basically, I am crediting you as one of the main people who opened my eyes to Young Adult novels. It is a wonderful genre full of wonderful stories and people! For that, I want to give you all the hugs and Kit Haringtons in the world! You are awesome (because of your books and the things you stan) and I’m happy you exist! <3

You and Hex Hall have a special place in my heart forever.

I hope you have a fabulous birthday (and anniversary)!



(p.s. I am really excited about Rebel Belle! Need to get my hands on it. :D)


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  1. Kelly L. says:

    Ohhh, it’s her birthday? Well, time to wish her a happy birthday! :D
    And don’t worry Cee, Archer is mine. ;D (Yes, this is totally random).

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