January 14, 2020 • Cee • Holy Mother Cover

You know what’s even better than a book with a good story? When that book has an awesome cover!

Welcome to this color-coordinated YA book covers! Full of books that came out in 2019 with gorgeous covers! These are the covers that made me stop in my tracks and go “huh, let me stare at this gorgeous piece of work for a while.” These absolutely mesmerized me, and I wonder if they do to you too.


WHY ARE THESE MY FAVORITES? I tend to gravitate towards cover that either has a gorgeous illustration that makes me want to weep because of its beauty, makes good use of the color (it being vibrant, features a person of color, has gorgeous font/typography for the title, has these wonderful details in a seemingly simple cover, or has all of these things I love.

What are your favorite YA covers that came out in 2019? 


3 Responses to “HOLY MOTHER COVER! • Favorite 2019 YA Covers”

  1. These are all gorgeous! I’d love a print of Woven in Moonlight. Crown of Feathers had one of my favourite covers of 2019 – the phoenix is beautiful!

  2. These are gorgeous selection, Cee! I love covers with vibrant colors and typography too, so these picks are perfect!

  3. I just love Sorcery of Thorns so, so, so much. Charlie Bowater’s art is just amazing, and I always gravitate towards covers that she’s illustrated. Rainbow Rowell’s covers are always so eye-catching to me, as well. And I just love the cover for Comics Will Break Your Heart – did you read this one?

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