April 26, 2018 • Cee • Discussion

Do you ever find yourself going through your shelves and finding a book you don’t remember reading at all? That’s me. A couple of days ago, I was going through my Goodreads, clearing out books I no longer want to read, when I came across books I don’t remember reading. When did I read this book? Did I fall, hit my head, and forget? Did an alternate universe Cee read these? Why don’t I remember reading these?

The book on this list of “I don’t remember reading at all!!” are a mixture of books I truly have no memory of reading it or I don’t remember what happened so did I really read them??? I am truly baffled that I cannot remember one specific thing that happens in these books. Maybe I never read them? Maybe I scanned through it because I was deciding whether to read it? Who knows! Only Cee from six years ago has the answer, and it’s not like I can travel to the past and ask.

Unearthly is the first book that made me go “wait! WUT.” I don’t remember reading this book—let along wanting to read it. It’s about angels, and has romance in it. Ew. I guess I read this book during a time I didn’t know what I liked reading because present day Cee would NEVER willing pick up this book. Romance + angels are no bueno.

I…have a vague recollection of DUFF. I just remember being angry and absolutely hating this book. I don’t remember why. A lot of people didn’t like this book because the main character complained about everything. DUFF is a book I wonder if I’d enjoy now since I feel more opened to characters who are “unlikable.”

I only remember that For Darkness Shows the Stars is a retelling of Jane Austen’s Persuasion, and I’m a sucker for that book. Do I remember things in this? Nope. I’m just confused why I don’t remember it because I’d love the story if it’s based on Persuasion, right?

All I remember is that the guy comes back from Afghanistan, and that it’s a romance. I usually stay away from stories like this, so I don’t know what intrigued me. Maybe the aspect of the guy and his love interest knowing each other since they were little and having a rocky relationship? I do like those.

I know I read Incarnate, but did I really finish it? I think I picked this up because I love reading books about reincarnation. It gets me super emotional.

Charm & Strange is one of two books on this list that I know I read, but I don’t remember anything that happened! I remember loving it and being all on edge because of the psychological aspect, so I think it’s about time for a reread.

How can I not remember if I read Eleanor & Park? Well, I remember that I had a lot of trouble getting into this book. I got to the scene where Eleanor got into a fight with her father(?) after meeting Park, and…that’s all I remember? I don’t know if I stopped reading because I’ll get back to it? Maybe?

This Song Will Save Your Life is the other book that I know I read…maybe? I had a hard time getting into this book, so I may have stopped one time, but I went back and reread it to finish it. Yet, I don’t remember if those two things actually happened.

Besides UnearthlySide Effects May Very is another book I truly don’t remember if I read it. Maybe I didn’t read it because the synopsis doesn’t not ring a bell at all. Maybe I mistakenly put it as read? But I would automatically fix that if that was the case.

Reality TV, I remember that aspect of Reality Boy. What happens in it? Uhhhhhhhhhh. Maybe I’m mixing it with Something Real?

What books did you read but don’t have any memory reading it at all? 


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