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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where we list our top tens!

This week’s topic is “top ten most anticipated releases for the second half of 2016!” How can I only pick ten??? This is like picking my favorite child (if I had any). It cannot be done very easily. I was trying the best to narrow it down to ten, which I did, but I feel like I’m forgetting other important books. There’s so many books I’m excited about!

Arabella of Mars by David D. Levine

Publication Date • Publisher: July 12, 2016 • Tor
Why am I excited for this book? Colonized British colony on Mars. Tomboy. Automatons. Exotic world of London, England (Remember, they live on Mars!). Flying ships. Pirates.

The Trouble with Twins by Kathryn Siebel

Publication Date • Publisher: August 9, 2016 • Knopf Books for Young Readers
Why am I excited for this book? Twin sisters. Opposites. A twin is banished to great aunt Priscilla’s creepy home. The other twin hatches a plan to rescue and reunite with her other half. Middle Grade.

Nevernight by Jay Kristoff

Publication Date • Publisher: August 9, 2016 • Thomas Dunne Books
Why am I excited for this book? School of assassins. Vengeance. Ancient Rome-inspired. Footnotes.

Spontaneous by Aaron Starmer

Publication Date • Publisher: August 30, 2016 • Dutton Books for Young Readers
Why am I excited for this book? Teenagers mysteriously and spontaneously combusting. Humor.

As I Descended by Robin Talley

Publication Date • Publisher: September 6, 2016 • Harper Teen
Why am I excited for this book? Modern-day retelling of Macbeth with queer girls.

Snow White: A Graphic Novel by Matt Phelan

Publication Date • Publisher: September 13, 2016 • Candlewick
Why am I excited for this book? Noir Snow White. Depression-era Manhattan. Watercolor art.

Vassa in the Night by Sarah Porter

Publication Date • Publisher: September 20, 2016 • Tor Teen
Why am I excited for this book? Inspired by the Russian folktale Vasilissa the Beautiful. Enchanted kingdom of Brooklyn. High society.

Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

Publication Date • Publisher: September 27, 2016 • Henry Holt and Co. Books for Young Readers

Foxheart by Claire Legrand

Publication Date • Publisher: October 4, 2016 • Greenwillow Books
Why am I excited for this book? CLAIRE LEGRAND’S MIDDLE GRADE ARE EVERYTHINNNNGGG. Magic. Thievery. Wolves.

The Lost Property Office by James R. Hannibal

Publication Date • Publisher: November 8, 2016 • Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Why am I excited for this book? Sleuths! Secret society of detectives! Mysteries. Clockmaker.

Are you excited about any of these books? What is on your list of most anticipated releases in the second half of 2016?


17 Responses to “TOP TEN TUESDAY • Most Anticipated Releases For The Second Half Of 2016”

  1. I have Vassa on my list too!! *flails* I’m just SO excited for that one because Russian!! and fantasy!! And folklore!! AHHHH!! I know I should wish my life away but omg I want that book so badly. xD I checking out Arabella Of Mars right now though! I haven’t heard of that one before…
    Here’s my TTT!

  2. Claire Legrand is having a new MG novel out?! OMG SIGN ME UP NOW!!

    Thanks for the great list :)

  3. This is a great list! A lot of these are on my TBR! Happy to see someone else excited about Foxheart! :)

    Stacy Renee @ Lazy Day Literature

  4. Alice says:

    omg these all look so amazing!! What an epic list. I’m definitely adding these to my TBR and doing my best to get my hands on them when they come out hehehehe. As I Descended sounds PERFECT omg. And Arabella of Mars!! PIRATES YESSSS.

  5. I’ve never seen The Lost Property Office before but it looks really good. I may have to check it out. Hope you love all your choices.

  6. Helen says:

    I canNOT wait for Crooked Kingdom! I loved Six Of Crows, and I can’t wait to find out what other adventures Leigh has in store! As I Descended sounds SO good. Queer girls? Macbeth? YES PLEASE. I’m adding LOTS of these books onto my Want To Read list! :)

  7. Carrie says:

    Foxheart & The Lost Property Office look fantastic! My TTT

  8. Amy S. says:

    I’m excited for Crooked Kingdom! And it comes out on my birthday too so happy birthday to me!

  9. Emma says:

    I’m so excited for Crooked Kingdom! Kind of sad that it’s only a duology.

  10. THE TROUBLE WITH TWINS and THE LOST PROPERTY OFFICE both sound really good. Happy TTT!

  11. Vassa, The Lost Property Office and Spontaneous look SO GOOD! *_*

    Kyra @ Blog of a Bookaholic
    My TTT Post!

  12. I also can’t wait for Vassa in the Night, Crooked Kingdom and Nevernight! They just sound (and look) so amazing!

  13. Resh Susan says:

    Great list. I have Never night on the list too. I didnt know about a Snow White graphic novel. That sound SOOO good. I am also looking forward to Strange the dreamer by Lanini Taylor and The savage song by Schwab

  14. The spontaneously combusting sounds intreging! Thanks for the new additions to my TBR list.

  15. Alexa S. says:


  16. Nevernight, Crooked kingdom and Vassa in the night: YES PLEASE.

  17. LOL I love how everyone always compares picking favorite books to picking favorite children XD I *also* love these TTT posts because I feel like I’m super out of the loop when it comes to keeping track of great new releases! I keep forgetting to add books to my “buy + borrow ” list haha which means there are only 2 books up there that I knew were being released this year!! And I can’t wait to read that Six of Crows sequel!!

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