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Let’s be honest, nobody follows the age-old cliché that tells us not to judge a book by its covers. If you say you do, I am side-eying you. Book covers are the first thing that attracts any of us readers to a book. Before you pick up a book, the cover can essentially make or break a book. If I don’t like a cover design, I won’t pick it up. Lucky for us, publishing companies publish different cover designs, especially when a paperback book comes out. Sometimes we like it, sometimes we don’t. Whatever the changes with cover designs, I will discuss it.

Today, we look at the cover of Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway.

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I looovveee the hardcover of Audrey, Wait! The main reason is the beautiful background. Look at it! Look at those colors! Pretty. I love the way that the title is repeated and framed within each color. You can’t forget the title of this book. ;) It makes it seem like the girl on the cover is rocking out (to music) as she falls through a tunnel. It’s a really eye-catching design. The paperback cover is okay. I don’t really like the font that’s used for the title. It’s too…bubble-y? And I find the white background to be off putting. I actually have the paperback version and I’m not a big fan of how it looks in person.

And can we talk about how dated their outfits look in both covers? WOW. I haven’t seen that type of fashion since 2005 (if memory serves me right). I know the book was published around that time, so it makes sense the fashion looked like this, but still. Boot-cut jeans with a thick white belt? Umm, no. The outfit in the the paperback cover is slightly better. I like her top ensemble, but her skirt has got to go. It’s something Lizzie McGuire would wear. (I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. :P)

I haven’t read the book so I can’t judge if the cover fits the content.

What did you think of the cover design and the changes? Did you find yourself critiquing the clothing like I did? Is there anything you would change?


2 Responses to “Cover Change | Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway”

  1. alice-jane says:

    OMG YES! I judge what the models are wearing. I think it’s hard to stay on top of trends since clothes change so much over a short amount of time. However, but the clothes on the cover are kinda dated for the publication years, nonetheless.

  2. I also like the hardcover version. It is bright and wild. The fashion… I think I like the jeans and the plain black shirt instead. Simple.

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