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‘Tis the seasons, guys! Yes, it’s that time of the year when we get together with loved ones, eat awesome food, and give each other presents. The best time of the year!

I’m sure you have friends who absolutely adore typography (like myself), and you may wonder, what do I give someone who’s really into typography (or design for that matter)? There so many items that are amazing, but how are you supposed to narrow that down?How?! Don’t worry! You have me, a typography lover to help you.

So many awesome typography stuff catches my eye, but I managed to narrow it down to seven items. These are my picks of awesome gifts that any typography lover will love! You might find yourself buying stuff for yourself. ;D

typography gifts

Do your or your friend like literature? Or perhaps appreciate fabulous typography? The Penguin Drop Caps would be a perfect gift for you or your friend. Jessica Hische illustrated all 26 letters of the alphabet for the covers of select literature works. They’re incredibly gorgeous, and a great collector’s item. I want to own alllllllll of them. (One day.)

Know a friend who has a hard time picking what typeface to use? No worries! This print can help them. It beautifully directs any person what typeface they should use like for a logo or invitations or newspaper. (I cannot vouch for if it works or not.)

You will want anything and everything created by Emily McDowell. She creates items that are insanely gorgeous and fun. Do you see this grown women tote? Or this book* (wine) tote? Or these pretty dish towels that you’d want to hang on your wall instead of wiping dishes? I want everything in her shop—the tote bags, the dish towels, the art prints, the mugs, everything.

typography gifts

Always wanted a typography t-shirt? Have you seen this t-shirt? It’s simple, comes in various colors, and in Helvetica! You can learn about the proper terminology for different parts of the typeface. It’s awesome.

Did you know typography playing cards exist? THEY DO! And these are ones I could find! These playing cards provide fun facts about typography, and the examples I’ve seen are so entertaining! It’s an awesome tool to learn more about it.

Want something typography on your wall, but don’t want to put a nail in the wall? This wall decal is perfect. It’s made of vinyl with a matte finish, so it’s easy to put on and remove from your wall (or anywhere you choose to place it). When you put it up, you’ll have tons of typefaces staring at you in the face.

Lettering + illustration galore! Matthew Taylor Wilson’s work never fails to leave me in awe, and hopefully, he does the same to you and your friend! I love everything in his shop. Just look at his shop over on Society 6! SO MANY PRETTY! You can get his lettering in prints, iphone cases, clothing, throw pillows, tote bags, or rugs. You can have his gorgeous work all over your house!

In the words of Donna Meagle:

treat yo self


7 Responses to “YOU’RE JUST MY TYPE | Seven Holiday Gifts for Typography Lovers!”

  1. V. says:

    !!!! The Penguin Drop Case books are on my holiday wishlist. The letters are so pretty.

    I love all of Matthew Taylor Wilson’s designs. I have a couple. :)

  2. Jessica says:

    ON POINT CEE. ON POINT. I love all of these, hehehe <3

  3. Charlotte says:


    Uhm yes please to the Penguin dropcaps! They're absolutely stunning, can you imagine owning them all and the rainbow it would create?! *spazzes* GAHHH EMILY MCDOWELL, oh I remember the spazzing we did when I first showed her to you. Her works are just fabulous, I want all of her posters.

    Omg, I realllly want to see Graphos in real life. The cards are just wowwww. So much geekery! Gah Cee, Matthew Taylor Wilson's stuff, seriously worth spiraling over.

  4. Megan says:

    … ONE DAY. ONE DAY I WILL BE RICH ENOUGH TO HAVE MY OWN COLLECTION OF THE PENGUIN DROPCAPS. And enough shelf space. I don’t care if I don’t end up reading them (classics aren’t really my thing, heh). Just owning them is good enough. I would so love to own a t-shirt like the one in #4, too! The only remotely cool graphic tee I have has a typewriter on it and the words “You’re not my type” printed on it. Bahaha.

    Oh, more cool typography gifts? RIFLE & CO’S PERSONALIZED STATIONERY. You can get your name or initial printed on stacks of notepaper aoiwusdf\gwediu IT’S FREAKING BEAUTIFUL. Only problem is that you can only buy in bulk, so it’s really pricey. D:

  5. Stormy says:

    I have such book lust for the Penguin Drop Cap series. I WANT THEM ALL. They’re so freaking gorgeous.
    I love the prints and stuff you’ve featured, but OH that “So You need a Typeface” print would be a perfect gift for a friend I have who does social media & design. I may have to get it for her(and like, maybe one for myself.) I want everything you’ve listed!

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