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January 21, 2015 • Cee • Comics

from panel to panel

I love comics and graphic novels, so what do I do with that love? Well, I turn it into a new feature!

From Panel to Panel is a new feature where I talk about the awesome (and perhaps not-so awesome) comic books and graphic novels I’ve read. Basically, this will be me pushing them onto your laps. You’re welcome.


The Wicked + The Divine

Holy, fucking shit.

Excuse the language, but holy fuck, The Wicked + The Divine is fucking amazing. For those who have not taken a look at this awesome series, The Wicked + The Divine is a comic created by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie (both of Phonogram and Young Avengers fame), and published by Image Comics. It follows twelve gods incarnated as humans, who appear every ninety years, being loved and hated by the public like they are popstars, and when two years pass, they die. You have to “remember: just because you’re immortal, doesn’t mean you’re going to live forever.” Eeeeeek.

Are you intrigued? I know I was.This is just the first story arc called the Faust Act (which means there are and will be more comic issues), introducing you to the characters and the world and everything. I was ready for this ride that The Wicked + The Divine was going to take me on, and when I got in, oh boy, this comic has the most gorgeous art and coloring and just awesome characters and storyline. I became sooo obssessed.

 Eight Reasons Why You Need To Read The Wicked + The Divine

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