September 30, 2013 • Cee • Monthly Recap


September has passed. And yet again, I feel weird that December is around the cover. 

I’ve been in 


The big news is that I MOVED TO SELF-HOSTED WORDPRESS. YAAAAYYYYY. Best decision I made!

I reviewed:

In “The Three C’s: Candid Conversations with Cee,” I discussed:

Prepping blog posts (which happens to be the most popular post)

During the end of September, it was Banned Books Week and I talked about:

Banned or challenged YA books through the decades

I took part in a cover reveal:


In “Judg(ing) A Book By Its Cover,” I talked about: 

The cover change of Unbreak My Heart by Melissa Walker

In “Waiting on Wednesday,” I wait for:


  • I went to the Fierce Reads tour on Sunday (which I talked about in great detail) and it was frickin’ amazing. Hearing the four authors talk made me even more excited to talk to them (or attempt to talk to them). Marissa Meyer was a delight. I love her sooo much. Anybody who writes Sailor Moon fanfiction is an A++++++++ in my book. And Leila Sales + Alexandra Coutts, their writing process is extremely similar to me. Kindred spirits, tbh. 
  • I’ve been interacting more on Twitter. More so than usual so that’s awesome because I love talking to other bloggers!
  • A few weeks ago, the trackpad on my laptop went wonky and that freaked me out! I got it replaced for free because my laptop still had Apple Care for another year. Yeeeessss.
  • TV shows are finally back! I’ve only been watching – Elementary, Sleepy Hollow, New Girl, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Person of Interest. (If you watch any of those shows, talk to me about it!)
  • I feel like the mailman is purposely testing my patience. I want my books, but they never come in a timely manner. So frustrating.

How was your September? Was it as awesome as mine?


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  1. Yay for the WordPress movie!

    You watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl? Yayee, I’m up for some Twitter talk on these two shows. Isn’t Ferguson the cutest cat ever? I want. I need to catch up on Sleepy Hollow though.

    I’ve been looking forward to read Reality Boy myself!

    So glad that you got to meet all the awesome Fierce Reads tour authors. This Song Will Save Your Life is a great book.

    Here’s to a great October. Cheers!

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