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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where we list our top tens!

This week’s topic is “top ten authors I’ve read the most books from.” What I learned from this Top Ten is that I have read a lot of authors who write Children/Middle Grade books or romances, and not enough from Young Adult authors. I couldn’t find a lot of YA authors that I’ve read more than 5 books from, which was a bit disappointing, but hey, that’s just motivation to read more books!

Let’s see which authors I’ve read a lot from.




A Series of Unfortunate Events #1-11, All the Wrong Questions #1-2, The Composer Is Dead

All books from Lemony Snicket were a staple in my life when I was younger. I devoured those books like my life depended on it because I needed to know what happened to the Baudelaire children. I was invested! I adored the writing because it was so clever. (However, although I’m a massive fan of Lemony Snicket, I never did read the last two books of A Series of Unfortunate Events. I can’t remember why, but it may have been because I didn’t have access to the last two books and I didn’t want to see it end!)




Alice series

I totally forgot about this series! Such a classic! I read soooo many of books from the Alice series when I was a sixth grader. I remember spending most of my lunches at the library, and reading the Alice books. I think it was the first series that gave me a taste of what my pre-teen and teen years will look like. I would count the minutes until I could return to those books. It sucked though at times because I was reading along with my best friend, and if she took one of the books from the series, I had to wait for her to finish. Not fun!




Wallflowers series (#.5, 2-3), The Hathaway series (#1-2, 4-5), The Travis Family series (#1-3), Friday Harbor series (#1-2, 4)

I’m not surprised Lisa Kleypas is one of the most read authors. When I get into reading slumps, I always turn to romance novels because they’re quick and easy to read. Kleypas is a must-read author, especially when you’re starting to read romance. She’s the author that everybody will recommend.




Psy-Changeling series

Like Lisa Kleypas, I read a lot of books from Nalini Singh’s awesome Psy-Changeling series. Her books are out of this world. She creates fascinating characters and worlds that always have me wanting more. It’s one of those series you can reread over and over again, and never get tired of it because there’s just so much details and depths to it. It’s so well-connected. (Fun fact: just a couple of days ago, I was rereading Hostage for Pleasure for the bazillionth time.)




The Princess Diaries series (#1-6), Heather Wells series (#1-4)

Fun fact: I read the first sixth books of The Princess Diaries series at Barnes & Noble after school. I would sit down in front of the small Young Adult section and read. I’m surprised none of the staff there ever stopped me. (If you asked me what happened in the books, I honestly can’t tell you a thing because I don’t remember anything. Ha.) The Heather Well series was such a delightful read. I loved the body positivity and the romance. I really do feel like rereading it.




MacKenzies & McBrides series (#1-7, #4.5, #6.5), Shifters Unbound series (#1)

I cannot get enough of the MacKenzies & McBrides series. What’s not to love about Victorian England and Scotland and their men? I’m 100% sure I’ve read this series multiple times, and I show no signs of stopping so it’s just as well. Who knew I would fall head first for this great romance series? Not me, but that’s good.




Harry Potter series #1-5, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Quidditch Through the Ages

Of course J.K. Rowling will be on my list. She should be on every person’s “most read author” list who was alive during the late 90s-2000s. She has a special place in my childhood because all I remember ever reading was the A Series of Unfortunate Events and the Harry Potter series. You can’t get away from J.K. Rowling even if you tried. I bet you’re wondering why I haven’t read the sixth and seventh book and well, I already explain it over here. :P




Someone Like You, That Summer, Along for the Ride, The Truth About Forever, Just Listen, This Lullaby

Like many of the authors on this list, Sarah Dessen is another author you can’t help but read especially when you’re venturing into YA. She’s an absolutely must! I think the first time I read her book was because I learned that How to Deal (the movie with Mandy Moore) was adapted from the books, and of course, I had to read it. I didn’t know that I had read Sarah Dessen novels when I got back into reading YA.




Bloodlines series (#1-3), Vampire Academy (#1), Succubus Blues

Two words: Adrian. Ivashkov. He’s the reason why I read Bloodlines. He has the best lines, and he has great chemistry with Sydney. It’s the best. I haven’t had time to read the rest of the books in the series, but I will! I need all the Adrain Ivashkov in my life! I attempted to read Vampire Academy and decided it wasn’t for me. Once I read Soundless, I will have read six of Richelle Meads books. Whooooo.




Summer seriesBurn for Burn,  To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

Whoa, I forgot I had read Jenny Han’s Summer series, and I actually enjoyed it? Though, I’m sure if I was to read it right now, I would not (since I have no patience for contemporary YA + romance). Who knew I read this much of Jenny Han’s work?

Have you read any of these authors? How many books have you read from them? Who is your #1 most read author?


10 Responses to “TOP TEN TUESDAY | Most Read Authors”

  1. Good old Sarah Dessen! I read so many of her books in middle school! I think it was before I even had a Goodreads account, so tracking them is sort of hard. Anyways, great list!

  2. Sarah Dessen is definitely up there for me too. It’s a shame her books have lost their spark for me now, because I’ve read and loved everything by her in the past. I just feel like her last two/three releases lost the mojo, you know?

  3. I know Lemony Snickett would have been on my list had I been a kid living now.

    Here’s my Top Ten Authors I’ve Read the Most. Love to have you stop by!

  4. Katherine says:

    Sarah Dessen and Jenny Han both made it to my list! Jenny Han was a little higher up for me with 8 because I finished the Burn for Burn trilogy, but we’ve read the same amount of Sarah Dessen.

  5. Lemony Snicket! Wooo! You should read those last two books. The ending was just like “But wait, isn’t there MORE? WHAT HAPPENS NEXT OMFG” — it was great. ;)

  6. Love you list, I have to say I am both surprised and not surprised about Lisa Kleypas and Nalini Singh, everyone seems to have a quiet little romance habit that I just don’t Know about. I have read a few Nalini Singh books and always enjoy them so will have to read more. As for Lisa Kleypas, I have somehow never read any of her books, must investigate!

    Sarah Dessen really is an author you can’t help reading when it comes to YA, she is like a classic author of the genre. I remember reading her books like 10 years ago, she is amazing! The same goes for Meg Cabot, I was dedicated to reading all of her books ever at about 15 and it seems like everyone else ahs because she keeps popping up.

    Great list of authors on here anyway :)

  7. Carrie says:

    LOVE Lisa Kleypas – one of my faves! :)
    My TTT

  8. Kate says:

    I love Richelle Mead as well! I’ve read all the Vampire Academy series, plus 2 of Bloodlines, so 8 books for me. It’s too bad you didn’t like Vampire Academy because Adrian really shows up a lot in the later books so I’m sure you’d enjoy those parts! Him and Sydney are amazing together. :)

  9. Alexa S. says:

    Lisa Kleypas <3 I just adore the books that I've read from her! Also, JK Rowling! Seems fitting that both these queens are on the list!

  10. Alysia says:

    I’m loving your choices! Especially Lisa Kleypas, Nalini Singh, and Jennifer Ashley. I love reading each of the series you mention from them! I’m Actually in the middle of Nalini’s Archangel series. Lisa is definitely a go to for a nice and easy read.

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