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Dear Cee,

Yes, this is an intervention.

You have a problem, and we need to address it.

Sebastian Stan is ruining your life. Stop with the dinosaur noises and the fangirling over his endearing comments that he instantly regrets, over all the stupid faces he makes, and over all your feelings for him because he is a major problem in your life. (I know you’re going NOOOOOO. HE’S NOT! right now) But remember your blog? The one you’ve neglected in favor of fangirling about everything Captain America (mainly about Seb) with Charlotte? Yeah, it’s done you no good. Absolutely none.

I don’t like the person you’ve become. (Maybe. Not really. Mehhhh.)

Do you know how many times you’ve “cried” and flailed your arms when you see him? I’m surprised your eyes aren’t red, your voice’s not hoarse, and your arms aren’t tired since you do it every single day.

Do you know how many times you’ve gotten territorial whenever they mention him? You bit off people’s head like it was your breakfast. I won’t be surprised if you piss all over him, marking your territory. (I’m pretty sure you already did?)

Do you know how many times you’ve watched Political Animals this month? Not two or three times. Probably more than ten. I’ve lost count. Sure, it’s a fabulous show and has only six episodes, but really Cee, over ten fucking times? How are you not tired of that show? Why do you torture yourself?

Stop getting emotional when he pulls that face. You know the one I’m talking about. Just no. You need help. Thank god that your obsession with him isn’t affecting your internship because we would’ve had this talk sooner than later.

I’m just concerned for your well-being. If not me, who would?

With love,


p.s. As if this letter will make a difference. It won’t.

p.p.s. To the people who’ve just read this, do you ever find yourself mentally berating yourself for obsessing over something that puts you in a blogging and/or reading slump?


5 Responses to “SINCERELY, CEE | A letter from yours truly to Moi! (Intervention)”

  1. Way to go, Cee on calling out Cee! I laughed. You’re funny.

    This totally happens with me! Who’s the person that was unable to blog for 3 weeks straight ’cause of her obsession with procrastination? This person right here. I was so much on tumblr instead that I didn’t even get to read all that much.

    Slowly coming back to life, though. Heee

  2. Lol this was just an excuse to mention Seb on your blog right? Because lbr that the obsession is never gonna end and will live on FOREVER.

    And you obviously know the answer to your question. CHRIS EVANS HAS CONSUMED MY LIFE. It’s so annoying like jeez Chris I wanna write a blog post but you sucked all my energy up.

  3. Yes…oh, yes, have I been (am?) here. *cough Ian Somerhalder* Geez, he’s almost the ONLY reason I watch The Vampire Diaries. I like to flail and cry over his bod and smile ;D It hasn’t quite put me in a slump…but I’ll definitely put down a book to watch the next episode of The Damon Salvatore Show :p

  4. Isa says:

    Two words: Sue. Perkins. I anticipate that once Great British Bake Off comes back this summer, I’ll just spend day in, day out watching and rewatching and crying over Sue Perkins. It’s going to happen. And I shall drag my co-blogger down with me. (On the upside, any and all meme posts might relate to cake around that time. That’s a plus, right? Right?!)

    (And fwiw, currently I am re-obsessed with Orphan Black, which keeps making me go BUT THERE NEED TO BE MORE CLONES IN ALL THESE BOOKS I AM READING WHY ARE THERE NO CLONES.)

    Tumblr is a terrible place, I will never go there again. (Hah, is it working? Am I convincing?)

  5. I’m preeeeeeeetty sure you’ve pissed on him like a bajillion times.
    I am not concerned for your wellbeing. If you’re going to flail and cry over anyone, who better than Sighbastian? He’s perfection in human form, and deserves tears and arm waving and hoarse throats and whatever other ailments you mentioned in your letter.
    P.s. Still hurt I was not mentioned </3

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