May 18, 2017 • Cee • Blog News


What is this glorious day? May 18th!

Why? Because it’s my birthday! *pops the confetti and dances around*

(Yes, I’m copying what I said last year because it’s always applicable.)

Just like last year, I’ll keep this short and sweet because I did not prepare like I said I would a year ago. My family doesn’t really celebrate birthdays, so May 18th has always been a chill day (aside from delicious cake). This day will be no different. I’ll be doing my favorites: eating delicious tacos + Korean food, and going comic shopping.

On this fantastic May 18th, I hope you do the same—treating yourself to delicious food and all your favorite things in the world. Make the most of your May 18th for me! I demand you treat yo self!

I hope you all have a fabulous May 18th!


4 Responses to “May 18th • The Best Day of The Year”

  1. Eating and shopping definitely sounds like a great way to spend a birthday!! Happy Birthday!!! :)

  2. Happy Birfday, Cee!
    ~Icky. :-)

  3. Tasya says:

    Happy birthday Cee! I hope you’ll splurge yourself today and have an amazing year ahead! :)

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