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I love fonts. You can say I’m obsessed with collecting them all. It’s no secret to those who know me. You’re Just My Type is a new feature where I showcase the fonts I absolutely adore and use. And hopefully, you will love the fonts I pick. 

Today, I’m showcasing a few free alternatives to this lovely paid font:

Designed by Emily Conners of Emily Lime Design

I absolutely adore Carolyna Pro because calligraphy! It looks so epic. I first saw it on the blog header of Oh Chrys and I instantly fell in love. (It’s those capital letters and the ‘r’ and ‘y.’ Total hearts in my eyes.)

These free ones below aren’t totally like Carolyna Pro exactly because Carolyna Pro is one of a kind, but I tried my best to find free alternatives (with a little help from the internet).


Designed by Måns Grebäck.

When you get Sverige Script, there are actually two types: decorated and clean. Sverige Decorated Script is far loopier. To me, it just screams TA DA (in a similar fashion to Carolyna Pro). I love that it looks like it has a hook (because of those loops and embellishments.) And Sverige Clean Script is basically as it says. It’s a calmer version of the decorated script. Just think yin and yang but with fonts. ;D

(In the picture, the font name is in Sverige Decorated Script and the quote is in Sverige Clean Script.)


Designed by Font Cafe.

I sigh at the beauty of Voluptate. I love the thickness of the letters. There’s nothing flimsy or weak about it. If you do use this font, just know that it’s a demo. You can only use the lowercase and the capital V. (I believe you have to pay to have the capital letters and probably other glyphs.)


Designed by Måns Grebäck.

Do people write like this? I just want to write my q’s and k’s like that. Quicker is softer and is closer in thinness to Carolyna Pro. I have the urge to sigh and pet it. Don’t be surprised if you come across me staring at it with a dreamy gaze.


 Designed by Kimberly Geswein.

Okay, Janda Celebration Script isn’t really like Carolyna Pro, but those loops, people. : DDD


Even if you can’t afford Carolyna Pro, Emily Lime Design put out a free Carolyna Word that has set phrases like “Lol,” “Southern Belle,” “whatevvver,” “Hot Mess,” and many more. ;D


I do have to give credit to the Wedding Bee board for some of these choices because I wouldn’t have seen the similarity until somebody tells me.

The majority of these fonts are demos of paid ones. It doesn’t have the full benefits of the font, but hey, it still works. Also, none have the epicness of the ‘r’ in Carolyna Pro, but that’s to be expected since it’s one of a kind. ;D

Which font do you think is similar? Any one you absolutely love more than the others? Do you want to see more posts like this? (If you want, you can leave links of paid fonts over here so I can attempt to find free alternatives for you. :) )


18 Responses to “YOU’RE JUST MY TYPE | {3} – Carolyna Pro Free Alternatives”

  1. Ugh Carolyna Pro how I lust over you! Such a pretty font! Love the alternatives you presented, Cee! I have Sveridge and Voluptate actually! I use them on my blog. Voluptate is my header font because I loooove it! <3

  2. I love all of these! I especially like Quickier. I love the Q and the K of that one. They are all so pretty. Fun post!

  3. Carolyna Proooooooo! *strokes lovingly* All of Emily Lime’s fonts are beautiful, actually. I wish I could create fonts like her. ;~; Sverige Script is a perfect alternative! I really like Voluptate too – especially on Hazel’s header! Thanks for finding all these free alternatives, Cee. :D

  4. alice-jane says:

    I love these fonts, Cee! Carolyna Pro is sooo pretty but the alternatives that you presented here are great, too! Sveridge Script is so pretty. I’m going to bookmark these to use for later! ;)

  5. I love this feature you’re doing! I’m a senior double major (graphic design and literature) so these are like my two favorite things in one blog :) I love it!

  6. Annie says:

    I love Carolyna Pro and while I do also love all your alternatives, nothing can beat Carolyna! It’s just so pretty.

  7. It’s so pretty! Of the alternatives, I love Quickies. Oh my god that Q is gorgeous. I love this kind of font because it’s so elegant and pretty. :)

  8. Alexa S. says:

    I love all these fonts! They’re so pretty. I can seriously imagine them being used to make art out of some of my favorite quotes, or on invitations or cards, or even for mugs and the like. I generally like scripty fonts, so this post is absolute HEAVEN to me.

  9. Missie says:

    Think I like Quicker the best :)

  10. All of these are so LOVELYYY. I just love calligraphy and script fonts! I wish I could actually WRITE like that!

  11. ashley says:

    I used to be REALLY into fonts and then school happened and I had to stop because well, sleep was a priority. But man, you’re making me itch to dive into fonts again.

  12. Kelly L. says:

    YO. Is your ultimate goal making me drool like an idiot because you succeeded! All those pretty fonts… -drools some more-

  13. Ugh, fonts are so pretty! I really like the first one out of all of them. It looks super cute, fancy, and is readable.

  14. Oh, gosh, these are all so beautiful. I am so obsessed with fonts, and whenever I open a font website, I cannot leave for hours. HOURS. There are just so many pretty ways words can be types. I just *wails*
    Anyway. Carolyna Pro is absolutely gorgeous, and I think I may be in love with a font.
    By the way, you’ve probably answered this somewhere and I am just a) too lazy to find it, or b) seriously cannot find it because my searching capabilities are nil, but what is the font that you’ve used in the banner for this feature? It is so divine, and gorgeous, and lots of other great adjectives.

  15. I use Carolyna Pro a lot on the invitations I design for my mother’s business and it’s one of my favorite fonts! I haven’t seen Sverige Script and thank you for that since I can change the design on a few I’ve been working on.

  16. Oh god I am in live with these fonts! So pretty :( Thank you for this reference, Cee! Awesome! Like really.

  17. Esani says:

    Fantastic collection of fonts. I deal for wedding invitations.

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