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I love fonts. You can say I’m obsessed with collecting them all. It’s no secret to those who know me. You’re Just My Type is a new feature where I showcase the fonts I absolutely adore and use. And hopefully, you will love the fonts I pick. Add all of them to your font collection! Let it grow!

I don’t think this week’s font post can compare to the epicness of last week’s incredibly beautiful one. Let’s see if I can top that one, yeah?


Designed by Dieter Steffmann

I have a strong affection for gothic-type fonts. I actually wrote a paper about the different kinds of gothic scripts (also known as Blackletter) and its evolution since its first creation. Ever since then, I’ve been utterly fascinated by it. So, gothic letters ftw!

I love the shading of Deutsche Zierschrift. It gives the font a distinctive look. It’s like a modern twist to the old classic gothic letters.


Designed by Tyler Galpin

Inspired by National Park posters of old. Versatile in its character, it makes for great headlines.

Fun fact: I’ve never been to a National Park. Not even Yosemite.

Highlands is an absolutely fabulous font if you’re making any posters or need a headline font, especially for modernist or minimalistic works. It also kind of looks perfect for a Western. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen movie title fonts like that. And that makes Highlands even more awesome.


Designed by Skyhaven Fonts

Clarks Summit makes me feel like I should be climbing a mountain right now, carrying a flag where I’ll eventually set it atop the peak and declare that the mountain is for Clark Kent. It would be rather strange though considering that I’m not much of a Superman fan since I find him incredibly dull. Why, in everything holy, would I name a mountain after him? I would never.

I love that the letters are narrow, invoking that feeling they are peaks that you need to climb to survey the landscape below.


Designed by Shy Fonts

Please tell me I’m not the only person who thinks of Burlington Coat Factory when you look at the name?

That is unfortunately (maybe fortunately?) what I think about when I look at Burlington Script. I don’t think it’s a bad thing? I like the shapes of lowercase ‘f’ and uppercase ‘E’. The ‘E’ makes me kind of nostalgic because I used to write my E’s like that in middle school.


Which font is your favorite?  If you missed previous font post, voila!


6 Responses to “YOU’RE JUST MY TYPE | {10}”

  1. Nikki says:

    Omg, Deutsche Zierschrift is AMAZING. O_O I have a thing for gothic fonts too, AND hand-drawn fonts, and that is like… omg. The perfect combination… *_* Excuse me while I weep that I don’t have cause to use that font immediately.

  2. Yay another font post!!! The gothic one is definitely my favorite of the four! I love how it is striped!

    I’ve never been to a national park either D: And I as well find Superman dull. Least favorite superhero *Spiderman ftw!*

  3. I really like the letter ‘g’ in Burlington Script. It looks so fancy haha. Highlands reminds me of cowboys and the west side for some reason.

  4. I’m leaning towards Burlington Script being my favourite font from this post… Not only because, like you, I used to write my E’s like that when younger, but because your quote is from Every Day – the book I’m currently reading.

  5. Highlands reminds me of cowboys and those ‘wanted 1000 dollars’ posters :D Clarks Summit is really my type of font, love it!

  6. Well you know how I feel about Clarks Summit since I use it on all of my banners. :D IT IS AMAZING AND I LOVE IT. <3
    And heyyyyyyy what are you saying about my Clark baby? Why WOULDN'T you name a mountain after him? He's fabulous.

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