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June 30, 2017 • Cee • Monthly Recap

I can’t believe it’s Summer.Ugh.

June flew like a blur, and I don’t know if I’m ready for the end of the Summer or what.


In June —

  • I met Brenden Fletcher (again) and Babs Tarr!!

S C R E A M I N G. For those who do not know, Brenden Fletcher and Babs Tarr (and Cameron Stewart but he unfortunately was unable to make it) is the creative team behind Batgirl and their new book, Motor Crush. I’ve been a massive fan of them since their Batgirl days, so when I heard they would be signing at my LCBS, I made sure I had the day off to see them! (Like, I bought five different covers for Motor Crush. That’s how much I love them.)

I may do an event recap for it, but there was a Q&A where Brenden and Babs talked about Motor Crush—its inception, the inspiration behind the fashion and certain scenes, etc—and then a signing took place after. It was my first time meeting Babs, and oh my god, she is amazinnnnnnng. I literally had hearteyes when I stood in front of her. For Brenden, it was not my first time meeting him, and I was so psyched to meet him again (last time he showed me previews of Black Canary #2.) and talked Black Canary with him. I didn’t realize until right before the event that I own A LOT of his work. :D So, here are the lovely two:

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May 31, 2017 • Cee • Monthly Recap

May, don’t go! I loved you so much!

I can’t believe May is over! Where did the month go? Can we go back to the beginning of the month or to my birthday please?


In May —

  • I celebrated my birthday!

MY BFF WAS FINALLY PRESENT IN THE UNITED STATES FOR MY BIRTHDAY! After spending yeaaarrrs away from each other, we got to celebrate my birthday together and what a joy it was! I hung out with a friend earlier in the day for fish tacos + comic hunting, and then I met up with my BFF for Korean BBQ + book hunting. A+++++ outings.

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April 30, 2017 • Cee • Monthly Recap

I can’t believe it’s the end of April.

Summer is upon us, and that is not okay. My April consisted of concerts, proud bookselling, and a store reset that fucked my sleeping schedule.


In April—

  • I got to see The xx and BASTILLE in concert! 

AND THEY WERE BOTH FANTASTIC!!! I have so much love for both these British bands.

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March 31, 2017 • Cee • Monthly Recap

March, March, March.

With every passing month, I keep shrinking into a ball because Summer will approach. (And I’m not a fan of Summer.) Not a lot of things happened in March. And if stuff did happen, I just can’t remember what specifically, ha.


In March—



Artist of Sex Criminals. Writer of Howard the Duck, Jughead, and Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man! Chip is such a hilarious and nice dude. Hearing him speak and joke was everything! Highlight: making sex noises of raccoon’s fucking. ;D (Also, that dude knows how to take fabulous pictures.)


I never thought I’d bowl or be that person who hung out with co-workers, but I did…both, and it was really fucking fun. It was the highlight of my week. I did terribly, but when I stopped trying to walk a certain way to throw the ball, it worked, I did fairly well (I got spares and a strike). Two co-workers called it cute the way I’d trudge up to the line, make a hard stop, and then roll the ball. XD

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February 28, 2017 • Cee • Monthly Recap


What a blur February was. One minute, it was Galentine’s Day, and then Love-A-Thon, and then the end o the month? I don’t know where the time went.


In February—

  • I co-hosted Love-A-Thon with Alexa, Kristin, & Mel, and it was fan-fucking-tastic! 

Love-A-Thon is consistently my favorite bookish event in this community because there’s just so much love and positivity! I’m bummed I wasn’t able to be around talking to people via their blogs and on Twitter (I had work all weekend).  This event shows again how awesome this community can be. I’m so blown away by the many people who decided to partake. Keep the love, joy, and positivity year-round!

  • I’ve been working mainly.

Soooo yeah.

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January 31, 2017 • Cee • Monthly Recap

Brand spankin’ New Year! But yet, it still doesn’t seem like 2017 will be a good year.

My January was mainly filled with hanging with newfound friends, making regretful decisions, stressing about work, and buying more comics than I should be.

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