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April 7, 2016 • Cee • Comics

from panel to panel

I love comics and graphic novels, so what do I do with that love? Well, I turn it into a new feature!

From Panel to Panel is a new feature where I talk about the awesome (and perhaps not-so awesome) comic books and graphic novels I’ve read. Basically, this will be me pushing them onto your laps. You’re welcome.

Holy, comics galore! This is what we’ve been waiting for—the time of the year when Image Comics announces a bunch of awesome new comics they’re going to publish in the next year. April 6th was that day! What an exciting morning!

In Seattle, Image Expo announced many awesome new comic series in Image Comic’s future. And guys, we may be waiting a while for these comics, but they need to be on your radar. There’s astral projectors, ballerina-spies, vigilantism, alien invasions to stop an Earth invasion, Black Monday and magic, and much more. 


WRITER: Jim Zub (Wayward)
ARTIST: Djibril Morissette-Phan
COLORIST: K. Michael Russell (Hack/Slash: Son of Samhain, Judge Dredd)
LETTERER: Marshall Dillon

WHAT IS THIS ABOUT? Fame always comes with a price. For Farrah, the main character of Glitterbomb, she can’t get any film or TV roles due to her age, and because of whatever situations, she finds herself becoming “a conduit for supernatural forces when her entertainment career fails to take off.”1 It will explore fame culture and revenge. According to Zub, this actress “wants to tear this Hollywood system down, and she’s doing to do it in the most violent, horrific way possible.”2 (Get an exclusive look at the story and the art at AV Club.)

WHY I’M EXCITED ABOUT THIS: Love the art + fascinated by fame culture and how this comic will tackle it with supernatural elements.

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