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February 26, 2016 • Cee • Reviews

You Were Here

You Were Here by Cori McCarthy • March 1, 2016 • Sourcebooks Fire
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Jaycee is about to accomplish what her older brother Jake couldn’t: live past graduation.

Jaycee is dealing with her brother’s death the only way she can – by re-creating Jake’s daredevil stunts. The ones that got him killed. She’s not crazy, okay? She just doesn’t have a whole lot of respect for staying alive.

Jaycee doesn’t expect to have help on her insane quest to remember Jake. But she’s joined by a group of unlikely friends – all with their own reasons for completing the dares and their own brand of dysfunction: the uptight, ex-best friend, the heartbroken poet, the slacker with Peter Pan syndrome, and… Mik. He doesn’t talk, but somehow still challenges Jayce to do the unthinkable-reveal the parts of herself that she buried with her brother.


I received this book for free from Sourcebooks Fire for review consideration. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

First sentence: “I had been driving all afternoon, trying to get lost.”

How do you live past graduation when your brother wasn’t able to?

Jaycee Strangelove struggles with that (and much more), but she has a great group of people pushing her to live for herself. You Were Here shows us the lives that had been affected when Jake Strangelove died after performing a dangerous stunt five years ago.

This book was..unexpected. In the most excellent way possible. I was initially seduced by the mixed media storytelling, and I stayed enthralled because the writing told an engaging and heartfelt story about grief, hope, changes, friendship, and so much more.

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