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Welcome to Morningtown by Blake Liliane Hellman & Steven Henry • June 4, 2019 • Bloomsbury Children’s Books
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Welcome to Morningtown
In Morningtown, animal families of all shapes and sizes are waking up to a shiny new day. They get up out of fluffy beds, hard beds, and secret beds. They hop, splash, and flutter through their morning routines, getting ready for whatever the day holds.
One thing is certain–every day is a beautiful day in Morningtown!


I received this book for free from Bloomsbury for review consideration. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

First sentence: “In Morningtown, everyone is waking.”

The sun rises, and the residents—animals of all shapes and sizes—of Morningtown wake up to start a beautiful day.
Welcome to Morningtown is simple, yet delightful day in the life of these anthropomorphic animals. It doesn’t contain a lot of text (mainly descriptive words of the action) or plot, but that’s okay because of how darling the art is.
You see animals from all walks of life waking up from their slumber—rooster calling for the day to start, baby bear from his quilted bed by his warmly dressed dad, birds tittering on branches, and a beaver on its deck with a cup of Jo.
All are going through the usual motions of waking up like stretching, yawning, and so on, and preparing to start the rest of their day by doing their morning routines like brushing teeth, washing up, eating breakfast, and dressing. You see the little bear picking his clothes from a drawer, raccoons playing a banjo, porcupines seesawing. Everybody’s having fun.
I wanted to give a shoutout to the endpapers because they are soon cute! Yellow with drawings of leaves, acorns, flowers, and animals you’ll come across when you read the book.
Welcome to Morningtown is an easy book that any kid learning to read can pick up, and they’ll see themselves in these characters when they wake up and do their morning routines. 

Should you read Welcome to Morningtown? Why not? It’s cute and quick. 


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