February 28, 2015 • Cee • Monthly Recap


February was an okay month, but by the end, it just became extremely disappointing and sad. That’s life, man.

  • The big news: I got a new phone! A smartphone! After four and a half years with my slider phone, I have upgraded! And my phone is beautifulllllllll. (Though I’m internally crying at how much I spent. Phones are expensive!) I haven’t named my phone yet, which is a shame since I always name my gadgets. I’m hoping it comes to me soon! It shall not remain nameless!
  • Job hunting update: Much sadness. On Wednesday, I received an email, saying I was in consideration for this editorial position I was really excited about. They asked me to send in writing samples of past works + responses to the requests they made. Yesterday, I sent it in. Hours after I sent it, I received word I was not in consideration anymore, which really sucked because I thought I was a strong candidate. I’m hoping they change their mind, but I’m not holding my breath. I’m just moping around in my room. (I don’t want pity or the “there are other jobs out there” comments please. I’ve had enough of those.)
  • The Book Blogger Love-A-Thon happened, and it was amazing. I spent the last day just shouting at people because of my excitement! Thank you to the always lovely Alexa for hosting it! <3



From the library:

Jane Austen Cover to Cover: 200 Years of Classic Book Covers by Margaret C. Sullivan
Andre the Giant: Life and Legend by Box Brown
A Hero at the End of the World by Erin Claiborne

Won from Tor Books:

Signed double-sided poster of A Darker Shade of Magic (Not pictured)

Thank you! <3






How was your February? Any memorable thing happen? Did you enjoy any of my posts? 


6 Responses to “MONTHLY RECAP | February 2015”

  1. Good luck with finding a name for your precious, new phone ;) That sucks and I hope they turn around. The love-a-thon was, like last year, another highlight in my blogging career <3 So much fun and love.

    HAPPY March!

  2. Charlotte says:

    Your phone shall be named sooooon. The perf name is out there ;) I really hope March is a better month for the both of us <3. LOL I'M REMEMBERING YOUR SHOUTING DURING THE LOVEATHON.

    Update me on your library books when you get to them, gahhh Jane Austen <3

    Also CRYING AT THE ARCS. Gonna need to be a really productive reading month eep.

  3. Woot on the new phone! I love getting gadgets too, though I’ve been seriously lacking on giving them proper names! And that Jane Austen book looks lovely, I’d like to have that on my coffee table. You are giving me fantastic ideas. :D

  4. Freda Mans says:

    Congrats to the smartphone society! My phone’ name is Sammy, ’cause he is a Samsung.. lol
    The Walled City is one I had wanted to read, but after your DNF, I think I will go read more reviews and see what the norm is. I wish-listed it based on the synopsis.
    Happy March reading!

  5. Why I never thought of naming my phone is beyond me. That thing is attached to my arm, always. OMG ADSOM signed poster!!! Cee! That’s like all I want rn! AND ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT, you’ve convinced me with Walls Around Us. I’ll go order it now!

  6. Yay smartpohones for the win haha and yeah they’re so expensive ugh. did you get an android or an iPhone? and congrats on winning books from Tor!

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