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Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish where we list our top tens!

This week’s topic is “top ten favorite 2016 releases so far this year!” This is essentially my list of OH MY GOD, I LOVED THESE BOOKS SFM. GO AND READ THESE PLZ! MAKE ME HAPPY. I’ve pulled paragraphs from my reviews because I don’t think I can describe the books as well as I did in my reviews.

Now, in no particular order, here are my favorite 2016 releases so far this year!

This Middle Grade discusses so many things that all readers—young and old—will enjoy and be able to relate to. You get a girl who experiences sadness (that’s depicted so perfectly!) and tries to express it through her writing; a magical forest kingdom called Everwood; friendships that make you trust and do things you never thought you’d do; a fantasy life that speaks so much about Finley’s fears; pirates and family secrets, and so much more! It’s a book I wished I had when I was younger.

Everything about this book is so beautiful and strong—from the writing to the emphasis of names, to the relationships between the characters. This book has a way of seeping into your soul. It’s like a snake curling around you and tightening until you are overwhelmed by so much emotions and yell ‘uncle.’ I can go on and on and on about this book and why you need to read it, but I won’t because this is a book you absolutely need to experience for your own.

Don’t you want to learn more about this powerful Quick family and their magic? See the arrogant Aspen Quick begin to see the side effects and consequences of his magic? Fear the ominous Cliffs that hangs over this small town? Yearn for something you didn’t know you lost? Pick up Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies, and visit this town!

You can call me a BNF (Big Name Fan) of Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here because holy awesomeness, this book is funny and a huge delight! It spoke to my teenager self about all the love for fanfiction.

You Were Here is a true gem that made me appreciate the loveliness of the writing, the “unlikeable” characters, and the way the graphic novel panels were woven in. This book was just so well done, and Cori McCarthy deserves praise for pulling a spectacular book from her bag of awesomeness.

Poison Is Not Polite is an exceptional Middle Grade mystery in the Wells & Wong series. You get a thrilling murder case in the form of a poisoning, new suspects who are all Daisy’s family, an Asian narrator (that hasn’t changed from the first book), and the same ole sleuthing duo who are far better detectives than they were in the previous book.

Wink Poppy Midnight is an…experience. If you want weirdness and an dreamy atmospheric fairytale-like story with very selfish characters, definitely pick up this book. I want to know if you had “???????????” feelings too. ;)

What The Star-Touched Queen brings readers are: a gorgeous story that weaves in Indian folklores and mythology, a girl who’s destined to marry death and destruction, stars and fates that shine down on the characters, magical settings that instantly transport you onto another plane, fantastic lush writing that’ll have you floating on cloud ten, and so much more that I can’t do a justice describing. It’ll completely ensnare you into its web, so you better hold on.

You know what’s missing in your life? A gothic retelling of Jane Eyre with a murderess twist! I present to you—Jane Steele. You’ll be utterly charmed by this dark story about Jane Steele, who has suffered through many heartaches and tormentors, but she refuses to let them destroy her. She’s a survivor. If that means she has to kill her tormentors, so be it.

You should read this because you love Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing and how Lily Anderson retells it; appreciate fabulously banter0y characters who can trade clever lines about comics and movies; love geek things like X-Men comics, Doctor Who show, or Star Wars movies; enjoy reading the enemies-to-lovers trope; and want something really cute and light to read to lift your spirits.
Have you read any of these books? What is your favorite 2016 releases so far?


13 Responses to “TOP TEN TUESDAY • Favorite 2016 Releases So Far This Year”

  1. Emily Mead says:

    Wink Poppy Midnight and The Serpent King have been two of my absolute favourite books this year so I DEFINITELY need to read the others on your list! I especially like the look of Some Kind of Happiness. Something about MG books always gets to me.

  2. Kyra Morris says:

    Eek, I’ve seen The Serpent King on so many lists! It was actually at my library and I was going to take it out but then I didn’t…guess we know where I’ll be going soon XD Some Kind of Happiness, You Were Here and Rocks Fall, Everyone dies are also on my wishlist!

    Kyra @ Blog of a Bookaholic
    My TTT Post!

  3. I’ve avoided The Serpant King because I have a snake phobia, but now I am intregued… and I like the cover… I think this one is going on my TBR list. Thanks for heads up! My TTT

  4. Carlisa says:

    You Were Here’s on my list too! I love how each chapter represents the characters in both the perspective and the format. Mik’s graphic novel chapters were my favorite to read! Great list :)

  5. Maureen E says:

    I also LOVED Poison is Not Polite! The Wells & Wong series is just delightful. And I liked Scarlett Epstein Hates It Here.

  6. Bella says:

    Ah, what an excellent list! I myself have only read Poison is Not Polite – which I LOVED – but I can’t wait to grab Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies and Wink, Poppy, Midnight. You’ve also piqued my interest in The Only Thing Worse Than Me is You – it sounds like an awesome read and right up my alley. Lovely post! :)

  7. I haven’t read many 2016 release, but I’m curious about Rocks Fall, Everyone Dies and Wink, Poppy, Midnight! Like Sue, I also avoid the Serpent King because I’m afraid of snakes, and your review describe it as being curled by a snake is just xD This is such a great list!

  8. Helen says:

    These are so cool! I love all of these graphics (OMG HOW DID YOU DO THEM TELL ME YOUR SECRETS) but your list is definitely made up of awesome, quirky books! Unfortunately, I’ve only read Wink Poppy Midnight, but I definitely want to pick up The Serpent King and The Star-Touched Queen!

  9. Alexa S. says:

    I mentioned The Only Thing Worse Than Me is You on my list today as well! I thoroughly enjoyed this one, and not just because of the details that I could tell were inspired by Much Ado About Nothing. No, it’s because Lily wrote such excellent characters and such nerdy references and just a fun read all around!

  10. Yay, Jane Steele made my list, too! I really want to read You Were Here and Some Kind of Happiness soon.

    my TTT

  11. I haven’t read any of these! I’ve been wanting to read The Star Touched Queen for a while now. I’ve heard amazing things about it, but also bad things as well. I’m always optimistic though! By the way, these graphics are amazing! These are so well done and beautiful! <3

  12. Basically every single book you mentioned is on my TBR list, especially Wink Poppy Midnight and the Star Touched Queen. After seeing those two on a lot of lists already, I am debating going to the library or bookstore right now and seeing if they are available, although I already have 6 books checked out… Great List and happy reading :D

    -Rekha @ Million Book Mill

  13. I’ve only read one of these books(Rocks Fall Everyone Dies, which I LOVED as to be expected because I love Lindsay Ribar’s writing), but SO many of these are on my TBR. I really want to read Scarlett Epstein Hates it Here, Wink Poppy Midnight, and The Only Thing Worse than Me is You.

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