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Dear Kim,

I’m not even gonna sugarcoat this: You are a horrible friend.

What you did to Ruby is 80% worst than what she did to you, which she didn’t do out of spite.

Reasons why you’re a horrible friend:

  •  You started going out with your best friend’s ex-boyfriend (a week after their breakup).

I don’t understand why you thought this was a good idea. Ruby and Jackson broke up a week ago. She was still hung up on him. It’s incredibly selfish of you to think about yourself instead of how Ruby would feel about you dating her ex-boyfriend. That’s something you don’t do. It baffles me that everybody is defending you, saying that you “didn’t cross the line” when you hook up with Jackson. Yeah, you did. Isn’t there a girl code that says that you shouldn’t hook up with your friend’s ex-boyfriend especially since 1. she’s still in love with said-ex-boyfriend and 2. they only broke up a week ago? I say that’s crossing a line.

Your reasoning of why you got together with your best friend’s ex-boyfriend is totally inexcusable. How does saying “it just happened” or “we didn’t meant it to” or “it’s not like we could even help it. It’s like fate” justify your actions? It does not. Those are not legitimate arguments at all. You and Jackson both made a conscious decision to start dating each other, despite knowing how Ruby still felt. You didn’t mean to start dating him? So you accidentally tripped and fell into him, and boom! You’re suddenly boyfriend and girlfriend? No. That’s not how relationships happen. What did you mean to do? You could’ve stopped and ask yourself if Ruby would be okay with it. You could’ve decided that being with Jackson isn’t worth risking your friendship with your best friend, but you didn’t. It makes me incredibly angry that you had no regard for your best friend’s feelings and that you refuse to own up to your actions because you believe that “it was fate” that brought you and Jackson together. (News flash: it wasn’t.)

  •  You chose your boyfriend over your best friend.

Really, though?

I am beyond frustrated that you picked your so-called “true love” over your best friend. Why did you not let Ruby tell you her side of the story? Sure, it won’t be anything you will like, but she’s been your friend since kindergarten; you know her. I thought you’d give her a chance to speak out against the rumors that has been floating around the school, but nope. You continue to fuel the fire.

I know you’re hurt, but let’s face it, what you did to Ruby is 80% worse than what she did to you (yes, I’m repeating this). She didn’t do it out of spite. But you… *sigh* All the hurtful name-calling, rumors that you (and other students) have been spreading about Ruby’s sex life once you Xeroxed that list. Those are punishments that do not fit the crime. I don’t condone Ruby kissing your boyfriend even though your boyfriend was Ruby’s a week before you two got together, but what did you expect? Ruby isn’t going to magically get over him so quickly. It has only been a week. A week! How would you feel if your roles were reversed?

If you take a step out of your delusional “true love” bullshit bubble, you’ll see that you’ve been a horrible friend to Ruby. I just hope you see the light.

I bid you adieu.



4 Responses to “SINCERELY, CEE | A letter from yours truly to Kim of The Boyfriend List”

  1. Missie says:

    Wowizers, what an awful friend!
    Missie @ A Flurry of Ponderings

  2. Alicia says:

    “going out with your best friend’s ex-boyfriend”


    “That’s like, the rules of feminism or something” –Mean Girls

    I’m not liking this girl at all!! Love the unique way you’ve expressed your thoughts, makes it so much more entertaining than a usual review =)

    Alicia @ Summer Next Top Story

  3. I loooved the Ruby Oliver books when I was younger, so reading this was like a total flashback haha! I do remember that Kim was a horrible friend, so inconsiderate and basically a huge jerk. This is a really fun feature :)

  4. I LOVE this!! I had a strong negative reaction to Kim as well!! Like she STOLE Ruby’s boyfriend and then got mad when Ruby wants him back??? What the actual F!! I would like to write one of these letters to Frankie from Twenty Boy Summer as well!!

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