December 31, 2020 • Cee • Holy Mother Cover

You know what’s even better than a book with a good story? When that book has an awesome cover!

Welcome to this color-coordinated YA book covers! Full of books that came out in 2020 with gorgeous covers! These are the covers that made me stop in my tracks and go “huh, let me stare at this gorgeous piece of work for a while.” These absolutely mesmerized me, and I wonder if they do to you too.


WHY ARE THESE MY FAVORITES? Not a surprised that all of these covers (aside from a few) are illustrated.

(Also fascinating to me that my favorite covers are mostly covers with red hues—see all that pinks and oranges!)

I can’t vouch whether these books are good. I’m just judging it based on the covers.

What are your favorite YA covers that came out in 2020? 


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