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BookExpo America (BEA) is the big book convention held in New York where authors, bloggers, and publishers get together and makes every book lover cry – either in joy (because they were able to attend and get to meet authors and get ARCs) or in sadness (because those who are unable to attend have prior engagements).

Since I get go to BEA, I’ve decided to take part in Armchair BEA, which is basically a virtual conference for people who cannot attend the actual convention. Let’s get this started, shall we?

Please tell us a little bit about yourself: Who are you? How long have you been blogging? Why did you get into blogging? Where in the world are you blogging from?

I am the fabulous Cee! From the beautiful state of California! I am lover of books, fonts, design, and puns. (Well known for the latter three if you ask my friends.) I’ve been book blogging for a year and a half, but I’ve been blogging longer than that. I started blogging because I wanted to find people who share the same interests as me. My friends IRL don’t really follow the same stuff as I do (like TV shows, movies, actors/actresses, or books), so I felt pretty lonely. I needed people to fangirl with, and I found them through blogging.

What was your favorite book read last year? What’s your favorite book so far this year?

Scarlet (The Lunar Chronicles #2) by Marissa Meyer | More Than This by Patrick Ness

Share your favorite book or reading related quote.

 “Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.” — Lemony Snicket (aka Daniel Handler)

If you were stranded on a deserted island, what 3 books would you bring? Why? What 3 non-book items would you bring? Why?

Three books I would bring:

Three non-book items I would bring:

  • Laptop with batteries that lasts an eternity and some more
  • Access to unlimited Internet
  • Foooooood

Do I even have to explain why?

Describe your blog in just one sentence. Then, list your social details — Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. — so we can connect more online.

In Charlotte‘s words, at The Novel Hermit, you will find “lots of typography love, bookish talking, cover oogling, pun appreciation and all that other good stuff with a sprinkle of Sebastian Stan.” ;D

I mostly hang out on Twitter. Strike up a conversation! I’m incredibly friendly and joke-y. Don’t be startled if you see me shouting at people and cackling like an evil mastermind. That is my ~natural state. ;) (But you can find all social media whatnots in the sidebar.)

So, that’s me. What about you? Tell me about yourself. 


13 Responses to “ARMCHAIR BEA 2014 | Introduction”

  1. I never thought about bringing those non-bookish items with me on an island.. I did thought about a phone, but unlimited internet would be essential too! I love how Charlotte describes your blog and I think she is spot on :)

  2. Vanessa says:

    Hi Cee! First off, I love your blog design, easy on the eyes and absolutely adorable! Okay, I can totally relate to you about the friends IRL story. Every time I gushed about a book to my RLFs, they gave me that blank-stare-eyes-glazed-over look or just mumbled okay. So I am extremely happy to find the book blogging community. :-)

  3. Rachel Noel says:

    Interesting choice of books. I’ll have to look into the Mistborn Trilogy. I keep seeing it everywhere.

  4. I still have yet to read The Lunar Chronicles series – I have Cinder waiting for me on my Kindle and I’m hoping to get round to it soon! And that quote from Lemony Snicket is just genius :-)

  5. I love your island picks! They are similar to mine. I look forward to reading all your BEA posts. Brenda @DailyMayo

  6. Stormy says:

    Scarlet & More Than This!! We already “know” each other, thanks to LAST year’s Armchair BEA, but I figure it’s always worth reinforcing excellent bookish taste :).

  7. Meaghan says:

    That was the same quote I chose! People without something to read are suspicious indeed.

  8. Ahhh, I love the new blog design, Cee! It’s awesome!
    A laptop with a battery that lasts forever AND unlimited internet would definitely be two major must-haves for me, as well! Good thinking! Also, love the Lemony Snicket quote. :)

  9. I got into blogging b/c I needed people to fangirl with TOO. AND Scarlet was one of my favorite books last year, AND I never go anywhere without a book, so you can totally trust me ;)

  10. There is a new Patrick Ness? How did I not know this!!!
    And Fabu site design.

  11. Annie says:

    I love the quote you chose! Lemony Snicket/Daniel Handler is the best! And totally agree with Jellicoe Road. Would 100% bring that to the island with me as well.

    PS. I just wanted to say HOW ABSOLUTELY FRICKIN GORGEOUS your new design is. I am in love! It’s so perfect!!

  12. I ♥ the name of your blog, and that crab is s’cute! Nice to tweet you.

  13. Freda Mans says:

    I need to read Scarlet… soon!
    Great to meet you.

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