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BookExpo America (BEA) is the big book convention held in New York where authors, bloggers, and publishers get together and makes every book lover cry – either in joy (because they were able to attend and get to meet authors and get ARCs) or in sadness (because those who are unable to attend have prior engagements).

Since I get go to BEA, I’ve decided to take part in Armchair BEA, which is basically a virtual conference for people who cannot attend the actual convention. Let’s get this started, shall we? 

TOPIC: Expanding Blogging Horizons

What do you think about when you think about going beyond blogging or expanding your horizons?

I honestly haven’t thought too much about what I want to do beyond blogging or when I want to expand my horizons. I’m pretty happy with the blog. It’s slowly growing, and it’s amazing to see the progress I’ve made. I don’t feel like I need to change anything to expand my horizons. I like it the way it is. However, in the back of my mind, I do want to gain contacts in the publishing industry. That would be really good, especially since I want to get into that industry some day.

Have you branched out into freelance writing or even published a novel of your very own?

Does getting my short stories publish at my college’s literary journal count? (I say yes.) I want to make my career out of writing (any type really), so let’s hope I find a job in the editorial department. I do want to publish my own novel one day, but at this point in time, I’m not in a rush. I admit that I actually have never finished any books I started writing. I lack the stamina and the attention span. (Killers to my creative juices.) I certainly would love to get my work traditionally published. One day.

Have you thought about moving into a different venue like podcasts or vlogging?

I’ve entertained the thought of vlogging for just a second or two, but that thought quickly disappeared because speaking is hard. I’m not the most articulate person when it comes to free-styling, and I don’t want to sound robotic when I read off a script. Writing is my one true love. I don’t think I could part ways to go to a different platform like vlogging. It wouldn’t give me the same joy that writing does. Besides, I express myself better through written words. I like it that way.

What do you see in your blogging future?


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  1. Good luck finding a job in editorial! I’ve been blogging for almost 10 years, and that, along with my activity in social media, allowed me to change my career path from teaching in higher education to higher ed PR a few years ago. It’s truly a blessing to get to write every day (blogging and PR stuff), and I wish the best for you!

    Happy Armchair BEA! P.S. I drool over your blog design every time I come over here to comment.

  2. I also hope to working in publishing at some point. Good luck in your endeavors!

    Brenda @DailyMayo

  3. alice-jane says:

    I’m the same with you on vlogging! I’m less articulate when I speak compared to when I write and blogging comes more naturally. I still haven’t finished anything I’ve been writing, but I hope that I do someday! Having a book published would be really neat.

  4. I completely agree. I would be a hot chaotic mess trying to talk about a book review versus writing it out carefully making sure it makes sense before I hit “publish”. Nobody wants to sit and listen to me ramble my way through what I liked and what I didn’t. At least I wouldn’t want to sit and listen to me ramble. Dang – I’m rambling now. ha!

    Holly @ Words Fueled by Love

  5. The thought of having to free style a book review to a camera is a little horrifying to me too!

  6. Chris Wolak says:

    Hi Cee! I read some advice from a famous author (I forget who) that it is vitally important to actually finish a story, especially if you’re the type who has a bunch of started stories lying around. She (I think it was a she) said to pick one and just finish it. Even if its a crappy finish, there’s something to the act of completion that can shift things in your head about your writing as a whole. I did it and it made a big difference in my confidence level towards my own writing.

  7. Danielle says:

    I’d love to make a career out of writing, too. Becoming a part of the blogging community has really given me inspiration to follow that.

  8. I feel the same about vlogging, but I’m still going to try it, haha. I love seeing and hearing bloggers – make them feel even more like friends :)

  9. Good luck on finding a job in publishing, I’d love one in the art department creating book covers *calls Cee for font recommendations*. I think book blogging and book tubing are amazing but I personally prefer blogging.

    Also I’m totally buying your books just FYI (of course when you finish one ;P)!

  10. Like you, I’m really quite happy with how my blog is right now, and I don’t see any huge changes in the future – you know, aside from that very huge, impulsive decision I made today! ;)

    I mean, I don’t know, but I never set out on book blogging to become a celebrity. I’m not fussed if I’m never known for that one unique feature (although of course I’m always going to try to find one). I started blogging because I wanted to find like-minded people who I could discuss books with, and that’s exactly what I’ve got. I’ve made some great friends, and I’m having fun doing what I’m doing. My blog is progressing every month, so I must be successful right now, right?

    I don’t think I could ever vlog! I’ve thought about it, but until I get a proper camera I couldn’t anyway. But besides my lack of technology, I’m just very conscious of how I speak. I’ve heard my voice on recordings before and to my ears, I sound very monotonous and boring. I love public speaking live, but I hate hearing recordings of myself! Vlogging would be my worst nightmare!

  11. Vanessa says:

    I hope your dream of becoming a published writer comes true! And best of luck getting in the publishing industry, I sincerely hope you’ll make it (which I’m sure you would). Don’t give up!

  12. I’m always trying to expand my blogging horizons; it’s great to try new things. I’ve seen many take the leap from reviews to book writing, but I just don’t think that’s for me. Good luck with your dreams of one day being published!

  13. Skeeter Lee says:

    My blog is very new so I don’t think that I will be making any drastic changes soon.

    I am trying different kinds of posts to find my niche now.

    I have thought about vlogging but I would probably want a script. I have concerns about sounding too robotic like you.

    Best of luck in your endeavors!

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