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XOXO: Fangirling about Romances is a feature where Kelly (at Effortlessly Reading) and I (at The Novel Hermit) discuss anything (and everything) about romance novels. It will occur twice a month and we will alternate posting it on our blogs. You see this post on my blog, you’ll see the next one on KELLY’s blog. You see this post (and the next one) on my blog because Kelly is actually on hiatus at the moment until late March.

We are big fans of romance novels. We don’t get to talk about it as much on our blogs because they’re very geared toward YA books, so this feature is our way of fangirling over romance novels.

Today, we are talking about The Luckiest Lady in London by Sherry Thomas, specifically about the romance between Felix and Louisa. I loved it (I’m sure I’ve shouted about it from rooftops), but Kelly, well, she didn’t hate it, so that’s good. I kept trying to convince her of Felix’s endearing-ness, but she was not having any of it. :(

WARNING: If you haven’t read this book, then beware of spoilers!


CEE: It’s about time we talk about this book! I actually shoved this into Kelly’s face because I love this romance sooo much. I just want to clutch the two characters to my chest. What did you think about it? Tell me you loved it!

KELLY: -whistles- I want to keep you waiting even longer to hear what I think of the book. -evil laughter-

CEE: That is totally unfair because I’m like half-afraid you hated it, but then I’m kind of okay with it because then more Felix and Louisa for me? Hahahaha.

KELLY: Don’t worry, I didn’t HATE it. But I don’t LOVE it either. If I had to rate it, I’ll give it….hmm….3.5 or 4 stars.

CEE: That’s better than absolutely loathing it!

KELLY: Nah, I definitely didn’t loathe it. It was fun and I loved the ending. I reread the last 50 or so pages four times already. ;D

CEE: I was squealing during the last few chapters. Let’s talk about the characters! What did you think of them? Do you consider Felix a good leading man?

KELLY: Honestly, at first, when I read about his past, I was thinking OH NO, not this kind of “tortured” character again! I was a bit suspicious, but as I read on, I discovered that Felix has a lot of crazy depth. I can forgive him for being the cliche tortured hero with a “dark” past.

CEE: See, despite his upbringing (which does give off the feeling of what you said about him possibly being a “tortured” character who’s extremely hardened by his past), he isn’t really that at all. He’s not like “I hate everyone, let me growl, ignore people, and be an asshole to them.” He’s kind of sweet and awkward. He learns how to love, Kelly! He’s like that awkward little boy who doesn’t know how to express his crush on the girl so he just pulls on her pigtails. What Felix did is sort of the equivalent of that!

KELLY: I’m sure I’ve read other books before that features guys that learn how to love. Those tortured heroes in books might not be the same exact way Felix learns to love, but it’s pretty much the same → heroine does something → guy falls more in love → guy learns to trust → BAM, love! And I never quite forgave that guy who liked me in 5th grade and made fun of me because of it since he didn’t know how to express his feelings. D:<

CEE: Hahaha. I know that the whole “hero learning to love” isn’t new, but the way that Felix does is refreshing. Most romances contain heroes who act really brashly at the heroine. That’s not the case in The Luckiest Lady in London when Felix reacts to Louisa. Louisa matches him well and she’s exactly what he needs. She realizes his game early on and uses that to her advantage. Their courtship is a power game. Every attempt that Felix makes in this game unintentionally brings him closer to understanding his feelings and trusting other people. I don’t even know how to express how refreshing it is to see the things Felix does AND how well they match up (both in words and actions). Sure, he makes bad decisions, but he makes up for it in such a sweet and romantic way! He’s so endearing. He’s not totally damaged, compared to other heroes I’ve read. Just misguided and a bit silly.

KELLY: Yeah, I loved the power game between them, but at the same time, I was still a little “meh” towards Felix. Because let’s face it, we all know how the story will turn out, even with the power play added and Felix’s struggle to not love Louisa. It took some “omph” off Felix’s appeal because we all expect him to fall completely in love with Louisa in the end.

CEE: OF COURSE WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENS. It’s a romance, Kelly. Happily ever afters are a thing in these books. What romance doesn’t have the heroine and the hero fall in love with each at the end?

KELLY: Yes, I know that the heroine and the hero of course falls in love at the end. It’s just that the way Felix fell for Louisa didn’t hold my complete attention because how the storyline will go is a little TOO obvious to me. I expected him to fall for Louisa that way in the very beginning, in the prologue really when his past was revealed. UGH, I DUNNO HOW TO EXPLAIN. (I’m trying to cram for 3 tests atm LOL.)

CEE: Guuurrllllllll, we are on two separate pages. Hahaha. I loved how they fell in love.

KELLY: On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being BE MY BOOK BOYFRIEND ASAP!, Felix is like a 3. No offense.




KELLY: That’s good, he’s allll yours then! :D


KELLY: So you have like three book boyfriends now? ;D

CEE: Nahhhhh, romance heroes aren’t book boyfriends. I only designate YA characters as book boyfriend.

KELLY: Dude, we all should have two separate book boyfriend lists: one YA only and one adult romance. :D

CEE: With different names.

KELLY: YES. -stares at Scarlet by Marissa Meyer then looks at The Ring and the Crown by Melissa de la Cruz and squints at both of them-

CEE: I really don’t understand why Felix is a three because c’mon, they’re well matched and his courtship with Louisa was hilarious, all the gifts (like the telescope and the French books), and the dress dummies. THE DRESS DUMMIES, KELLY. He lugged them all the way across the way and positioned them to make her smile! That’s sooo romantic! LIKE WHAT ARE YOU EVEN DOING TO MY HEART, FELIX.

KELLY: Like I said, all the presents to Louisa was expected. The dress dummies was cute, but it didn’t make me completely melt and go all AWWWWWWW! Yes, I’m hard to impress. :P

CEE: Okay, fine, you weren’t impressed with Felix, but what did you think about the approaches to sex? One of the other things I love about The Luckiest Lady in London is how the characters don’t skirt around sex. Although Louisa mentioned her daydreams to gain power over Felix, she didn’t care that it was improper. There’s no regret or embarrassment in mentioning it or in having sex. She just went with it. And Felix didn’t shame her for it. He was just amused. They were just so accepting.

KELLY: Yes, I did like how the characters treated sex. Excellent point, Cee! -salutes you-

CEE: Finally. We agree on something. :D

KELLY: I know! But we usually agree on most things, so it must be one of us is being weird this time. (It’s probably me -waves-).

CEE: I’m actually excited when we get to Smooth Talking Strangers when I’ll most likely be unimpressed by Jack. HAHAHA.

KELLY: I know. I’m expecting that after your lack of reaction about him in the first discussion in our feature. -side-eyes you-

CEE: That’s only because I can’t remember what he has done to make people swoon. :DDDD


Stay tune for next time when Kelly and I discuss the funny bits in The Luckiest Lady in London because a separate post needs to be devoted to it. Obviously. ;D

(Kelly and I apologize that this isn’t about Smooth Talking Strangers. I didn’t get to reread it in time. :P But when Kelly comes back from hiatus, there will for sure be one of these posts for Smooth Talking Strangers.)

Have you read The Luckiest Lady in London by Sherry London? Did you like it? (Meaning are you on my side or Kelly’s? Who made a better case? The obvious answer is me. ;D) If you haven’t read it, do it now so you can join in on the discussion!


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  1. Katie says:

    I AM with you, Cee!

    I really loved the power play aspect of the relationship that you mentioned. I always enjoy seeing characters who match each other so well.

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