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The wonderful Kristen @ My Friends Are Fiction + Crystal @ Bookie Emoji are hosting this awesome hop where people showcase their shelves because who doesn’t love looking at people’s shelves?

I’m not a fan of my shelves because they’re the same color or size, but hey, if they get the job done, it’s fine, right? And here are those sturdy shelves.


It was a high school graduation gift. It’s the first book case I ever personally owned.

The top shelf is filled with books I had accumulated after I had organized the books. They were my “oh god where do I put this? Well, I have shelf space on top of the book case so that’ll do” place.

This bookcase is generally where I store all my general fiction books. The first two shelves have general fiction and classic literature, and I have to admit that most of them are unread. ? The third shelf is where I store my college English books. (I should really get rid of them, but nostalgia factor!) The fourth shelf is where I put my high school yearbook, college literary journals, and my high school photo portfolio. Because I own a lot of books, I store them behind the outward facing ones. It makes me sad that I can’t showcase allllll my books, but I gotta utilize space, so behind they go.


This was a hand-me-down that went from my older sister to my little sister (since LS moved into my older sister’s bedroom once OS moved out) and then to me (when my LS decided she had no need for a book case and gave it to me).

The books on the very top shelf are authors or books I love a lot (you can see Vicious, Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, Rachel Hawkins, The Basic Eight, I’ll Give You the Sun, and The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls) and also precious and beloved arcs (like Vicious, Winger, Goodbye Stranger). I will need to rearrange this shelf because it pains me that Patrick Ness nor Melina Marchetta are on that shelf.

Everything underneath that shelf are my YA books that are alphabetized by the author’s last name. On the last shelf, I have my favorite childhood series’ (Harry Potter and A Series of Unfortunate Events) as well as my comic book/graphic novel collection, which is growing bigger and bigger every time I look at it.


I turned the top part and the little cubby of the dresser into an area where I can store books I am planning to give away, trade, or sell, or haven’t decided what to do with them.


I tend to keep the books I’m reading on my beside table (since I read in bed a lot).

Underneath my desk calendar, the first four books are ones I’m currently reading. I decided to stack the 2016 ARCs I have on the bedside table because I needed a place to put them without confusing it with my other books.

After I took these pictures, I wanted to reorganize my bookshelves and buy a bookcase. I will most likely do the former.

What do you think of my shelves? Do you see any books you love? How do you think I should reorganize my bookshelves?

Check out the shelves of these lovely people!


10 Responses to “The Shelfie Hop · Bookshelves Galore!”

  1. I agree – my shelves are more practical than pretty. They get the job done! This is such a fun hop, I’m glad I participated too :)

  2. LOOOVE your shelves. So many pretties. And that calendar is great. So many pretty books (stares at Riders). Thank you so much for sharing pics and participating!

  3. Love the bookshelves! Mine aren’t too pretty either (I’d much prefer white bookshelves but what are you going to do?) but most are in rainbow order so that kind of makes up for it :)

  4. You have so many books! Love! I love that you even use the top to store your books. Great idea for when you run out of space on your shelves. I always debated about organizing my books by authors last name, but I always just do it by how I feel about the book. Thanks for sharing your shelves! I am loving getting a sneak peek at everyone’s bookcases today. :D

  5. Alexa S. says:

    Yay bookshelves! I’m always interested in seeing how other people organize their books :) I like seeing what you’ve been reading/love to read. Definitely giving me some ideas about what to read ;)

  6. Alise says:

    I’m the same way, give me something sturdy where I can stack ALL THE BOOKS and I’ll be happy. Right now I took over my parent’s bookshelves which are worth more than I am but hey, at least they have use now. Plus my wall hanging shelves collapsed under the weight of my books and took a chunk out of the wall. Good times. I see some Bardugo and Maas, two of my favorite authors! :D I’m definitely not the person to ask when it comes to organizing because I don’t really have a system besides keeping authors and series together. One bookshelf has my TBR books and the other has my read books.

  7. Steph says:

    Love all the shelves! I love Fangirl, I think I have seen it on most shelves :P :D

  8. SJ Bouquet says:

    Your shelves are packed! Love your “I had an empty space and nowhere to put these books so tada problem solved” shelf xD I have one of those until i reorganize my shelves. I do that a lot. I take down ALL my books and put them in order and it is WORK!

    I see you got Jellicoe Road in your collection! That makes me so happy ;aslkdjf I remember loving that book, but it’s been so long I need to go back and re-read it (because i’ve forgotten EVERYTHING)

  9. Jessie H. says:

    Oh my goodness! You have so many wonderful books! I love how you put books you don’t know where to put on top of your shelves. I do the same thing! And taking a picture of the books on your bedside table was a genius idea! And you have so many awesome ones in that pile! The Martian and Welcome to Night Vale are fantastic!

  10. Nikki says:

    Your shelves look AMAZING! You have so many books I want to read, and a lot that I already love. I am OBSESSED with the Shadow and Bone trilogy, and the Percy Jackson series! I’ve also been particularly interested in reading Illuminae recently, too.

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