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Comic Firsts

Comic Firsts, a feature where I talk about the first issues of comics that I’ve bought, received, or borrowed. It’s all about first impressions, what I like or didn’t like about the issue, and whether I would keep reading it beyond the first issue.

Like Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben once said, “with great power must come great responsibility,” and that’s something you should be aware of when you pick up Chip Zdarsky’s Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #1. You must willing to take responsible of the silliness you will read.

In honor of Spider-Man: Homecoming having recently came out last Friday (and since I won’t be seeing it this month), let’s talk about the new Spider-Man series Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #1 by Chip Zdarksy and Adam Hubert because why not!

Now, this is apparently a companion series to the currently running Peter Parker Spider-Man series, The Amazing Spider-Man, by—rhymes with—Pan Klott. (I don’t want to sully by blog with his name because I don’t like him for a myriad of reasons.) I bet you’re going ANOTHER ONE?! Because oh lord, do we really need another Spider-Man comic? Especially one about Peter Parker? There are already a ton of those comics. How are you supposed to follow them?

I’m quite surprised I willingly picked up this Spider-Man comic, not about Miles Morales), and the reason is Chip Zdarsky. He’s the only reason why I want to read Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man because I’m mainly hoping he pokes fun at Peter Parker.

And does this live up to the high expectation I hold Zdarsky to? Yes. Yes it does. 


I cannot tell you what the other Peter Parker comics are like, but holy hell, I’m very surprised by how much I enjoyed this. There’s so many things to love about it:

  • SELF-AWARENESS!!! This issue acknowledges how everybody is tired of Peter Parker’s origin story. It’s always retold again and again until you just don’t want to hear it again. #1 pokes fun, and it’s like “yeah, yeah Peter Parker, blah blah blah. NEXT!” (also, the fact that Peter find superhero movies unrealistic makes me laugh so hard.)
  • This is fun Peter Parker. He’s loving life and having fun. He’s superheroing to his heart’s content. HE HAS A THWIP-LIST!! He hasn’t been jaded nor is he rolling around in sadness or anger. I need that! (I’ve been burned out by superhero comics that are super serious and angry.)
  • #1 has lots of appearances from our favorite superheroes—Johnny Storm (he and Peter Parker are buds!!!), Ant-Man (who comes to Spider-Man’s rescue), and Sam Wilson (Captain America *salutes*).
  • The writing in this is EVERYTHING. I keep using “it’s a lot of fun” and it is! It pokes fun at so many things—Spider-Man, superheroes, modern technology, dating. You name it, nothing’s safe with Zdarsky behind the writing helm.

Would I continue reading Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man? Yes! I’m liking what I’m reading. Who knew I would actually enjoy reading about Peter Parker?



The webslinging, wallcrawling wonder returns to New York City in the all-new PETER PARKER: THE SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN. A companion series to the best-selling Amazing Spider-Man series, Peter Parker is going back-to-basics for big heroics in the Big Apple. Featuring adversaries old and new, be there as Spider-Man returns to his friendly neighborhood for his never ending battle against crime and the dreaded “Parker Luck”. — Marvel Comics

Are you convinced? Go buy Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #1 from your local comic book store when it comes out June 21, or these online retailers: Comixology · Midtown Comics · TFAW.
Will you be reading Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man?


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