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from panel to panel

I love comics and graphic novels, so what do I do with that love? Well, I turn it into a new feature!

From Panel to Panel is a new feature where I talk about the awesome (and perhaps not-so awesome) comic books and graphic novels I’ve read. Basically, this will be me pushing them onto your laps. You’re welcome.

November was a shit month for multiple reasons, but you know what was good? All the comics that came out! You get graphic novels about the kids of Gotham Academy, those wonderful Paper Girls time traveling, Black Canary babe, and more!

Get your shopping carts loaded with all these comics!


The students of Gotham’s most prestigious prep school are back and they’ve just survived one heck of a year within the walls of Gotham Academy. Now it’s time for everyone to look back and experience some of the lost adventures from the school year that was. Featuring stories and art by some of comics’ best and brightest creators including Dustin Nguyen (BATMAN: L’IL GOTHAM), Derek Fridolfs (BATMAN: L’IL GOTHAM) and Rafael Albuquerque (AMERICAN VAMPIRE), as well as from regular series writer Brenden Fletcher (BATGIRL)!

Collects GOTHAM ACADEMY #13-17. — DC Comics

Publication date: November 2, 2016 by DC Comics

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Why I’m excitedThese kids are back! And on another adventure in Gotham Academy! You get to read more about these kids, and you get three different artists here!


In a city under siege by robots, aliens, monsters, and even worse… celebrities, there is only one woman the people of Los Angeles can count on: the stratospheric superhero called Faith! Aspiring reporter by day and dedicated crime-fighter by night, Faith has tackled every obstacle in her path with confidence like those crushing deadlines at work, the long-distance boyfriend half a world away, and the missing back issues that plague her comics collection! But, unbeknownst to her, Faith is about to collide with the one force she never saw coming: an up-and-coming super-villain bent on snuffing her out once and for all! But who is lurking behind the mask of her new foe and could they just be the one person capable of rendering Faith powerless?

Faith’s headline-grabbing adventures continue here as breakout writer Jody Houser (Orphan Black) and sensational artists Pere Pérez (Archer & Armstrong) and Marguerite Sauvage (DC Comics: Bombshells) deliver the next high-flying chapter to the all-new ongoing series read round the world!

Collecting: Faith 1-4 — Valiant Entertainment

Publication date: November 15, 2016 by Valiant Entertainment

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Why I’m excited: No longer a limited series, Faith is back to superheroing! 



Rock star. Public menace. Martial artist. Superhero. Dinah Drake is all these things and more—and she’s got the legions of fans, friends and foes to prove it. But there’s a part of her life she’s never been able to get a handle on, a role she’s never been able to play: daughter. Her mother went missing, and took the secrets of Dinah’s own past with her.

Now a mysterious cult—fronted by a white ninja whose skills may outmatch even Black Canary’s—is determined to dig them up. And if that means digging them directly out of Dinah’s soul? So be it.

To escape this implacable enemy and track down the roots of the cult that rose up in her mother’s absence, Dinah must go on a whirlwind tour from the streets of Gotham City to the nightclubs of Europe. And she’ll need the help of everyone from Batgirl to her band to survive. Because this foe won’t stop until the Canary Cry is silenced for good… Writer Brenden Fletcher and artists Sandy Jarrell, Moritat and Annie Wu crank the volume of the Dinah Drake saga up to eleven in BLACK CANARY VOL. 2: NEW KILLER STAR!

Collects stories from BLACK CANARY #8-12, GOTHAM ACADEMY #17 and a special preview of BATGIRL AND THE BIRDS OF PREY: REBIRTH #1. — DC Comics

Publication date: November 23, 2016 by DC Comics

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Why I’m excited: MY QUEEN! Dinah Lance returns to kick ass for one last time in her solo series. I’m forever bummed this comic was cancelled. We all need a lot of Black Canary in our lives.


TV veteran Allan Heinberg makes his comics debut, melding his unique ear for realistic teen characters with the trademark action and adventure of the Marvel Universe. Lauded as “a great piece of entertainment” by Silver Bullet Comics, Young Avengers became the sleeper hit of 2005 and the critical darling of 2006! When the original Avengers disband, a team of teenage heroes comes together to fill the gap. Their first order of business: surviving the wrath of Kang the Conqueror and weathering the disapproval of the adult Avengers! Next, the newly formed Young Avengers take on super-powered sadist Mister Hyde, the extraterrestrial Super-Skrull and a full-scale alien invasion, juggling their parents and their private lives at the same time!


Publication date: November 23, 2016 by Marvel Comics

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Why I’m excitedAllan Heinberg’s Young Avengers series is hard to obtain, so when I heard a complete collection was being released, I couldn’t contain my excitement! I get to finally read the creation of the Young Avengers!


The smash-hit series from BRIAN K. VAUGHAN and CLIFF CHIANG continues with a bold new direction, as intrepid young newspaper deliverers Erin, Mac, and Tiffany find themselves launched from 1988 to a distant and terrifying future…the year 2016.

Collects PAPER GIRLS #6-10.  Image Comics

Publication date: November 30, 2016 by Image Comics

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Why I’m excitedWe’re no longer in 1988, Toto. How? Well, you’ll find out in volume 2 what the hell happened after that cliffhanger in volume 1. Expect even more gorgeous artwork, colors, and intriguing storytelling.


Once upon a time a robot and a witch fell in love. What followed was a tale of the dead and the dying, of the hopeful and the lost, of the wronged and the avenged. And in the end, after both had fallen, the witch and the robot rose from their dirt and eyed each other across a field of blood and bone. Forty-five years in the making, this is the story of Scarlet Witch and the Vision. Before family, there was love. And war.

COLLECTING: VISION 7-12.  Marvel Comics

Publication date: November 30, 2016 by Marvel Comics

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Why I’m excitedEverybody seems to rave about the Vision comics. I expect no different from the second volume?

SPECIAL MENTIONS: Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Volume 1 HC, Unbelievable Gwenpool • Vol. 1: Believe It, Howard the Duck • Vol. 2: Good Night and Good Duck, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl • Vol. 4: I Kissed A Squirrel And I Liked It

Do any of these comics interest you? Tell me which ones you’re excited about! Have you read any of these?


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  1. I LOVED Faith!!! I am so excited for more.

  2. Alexa S. says:

    GOTHAM ACADEMY VOLUME 3!!! What would I do without you to alert me to the presence of wonderful things, Cee? I am so excited for this volume!!!

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