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If you answered “Seb and Cee,” you’d be correct. ;D

This is already one of the best birthdays everrrr. I’m not one for heartfelt words because it’s hard to pinpoint the right words to describe what I feel. Let’s be honest, emotions are a weird thing. I come from a family that doesn’t do hugs or say I love you’s, that rarely hosts birthday parties or gives presents (that isn’t in the form of money), so when I receive anything from friends (cards, books, or loveeee), I am incredibly grateful, touched, and overwhelmed.

You guys are all awesome, and I love having each and every one of you in my life. <3


  • I am awesome.

    (I don’t need to dwell on the reasons why. ;D)

  • When I was in elementary school, my then-best friend and I basically ruled the playground.

    We ran around and played role-playing games that was set in the Harry Potter or Digimon world. We chased boys and pinched them, not because we liked them, but because we were superior beings. We’d squash the boys in our class like bugs with our feet.

  • I have no sense of smell (also known as anosmia).

    I don’t know if I had it since birth or if I had it because of a traumatic accident. I chalk it up to it being hereditary because my mom doesn’t have a sense of smell either. I haven’t been to a doctor to get my nose tested, but it’s rather pointless. If you ask me to smell something or identify a smell, I cannot tell you anything about it. With peppermint (and tar), I can feel it in my nose, but I wouldn’t say I smelled it because I didn’t. I remember my older sister found out a few years ago and was absolutely surprised. She asked me how I was experiencing food without smell because apparently, I wasn’t getting the full experience of eating. I shrugged in response and told her that I lived without a smell my entire life so I’m not really missing anything. I thought it was just normal that I couldn’t smell.

    Having no sense of smell can be great because I can’t smell bad stuff, but it does have it’s downside like when I actually want to smell my clothes

  • I’ve never ventured out of the West Coast.

    I’ve only gone to Oregon and Washington, and that’s about it. (Reasons why I haven’t traveled: money. It’s always about money, and laziness, and time. Never the right timing.) I was planning to go to England last year for my cousin’s wedding, but my BFF, who’s currently living and teaching in Japan, was coming back to the States for two weeks. Her return fell on the wedding day. So, it was a dilemma between going to my cousin’s wedding or hanging out with my BFF who I haven’t seen physically in a year. I chose to hang with the BFF. And I don’t regret that decision.

    One day, I’ll travel the world.

  • I am like a five year old when I see rain puddles.

    I cannot resist giggling like a little girl or squealing when I jump into them or when the car runs through it. I love the way the water splashes upward. It’s hard to describe. I don’t jump into them as often though because I never have my rain boots on (and soggy socks are grosssss). But mannnn, when I do, I feel soooo much joy!

Well, I’m off to open presents, eat cake, have dance parties, and y’know, the like. I hope you have an awesome May 18th. Think of me, and your day will brighten. ;D


17 Responses to “MAY 18 | BIRTHDAY AWESOMENESS”

  1. Ah Cee I’m sending you lots and lots of Looovvveeeeee! I am making it my life mission to find you a life size cutout of Seb!

    Haha, yes you are very awesome and definitely no explanation needed!! Having no sense of smell, wow that is interesting, I definitely see the positives ;P.

  2. I feel like a giant turtle next to your enthusiasm about rain puddles and life in general. Heeee. Seriously, though. You were a playground queen. That’s big. I was the one who sat and quietly ate lunch.

    Yeah, it’d be normal for you not to smell. I think it’s totally a sense once can do without as opposed to vision and hearing ’cause reading books and music any day over smelling food.

    I’ve never traveled out of Asia so let’s do a *we-love-to-travel-but-can’t-because-money high five*

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN, CEE. It’s been a Cee-ful day today. =D

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! If you lived in Australia you’d be a legal adult now, and able to do the oh so fun things of drinking (legally), voting, and being nominated for jury duty. Hopefully you have an awesome day!!

  4. Cayce says:

    Happy Birthday, Cee!!

    (and OMG, then you can’t smell books!! But yeah some smells are just awful, so you’re kinda lucky, I guess :)

  5. Kelly L. says:

    -thinks of you-
    Why you lie to me Cee?! ;D
    Anyways, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! YOU ARE OLD NOW. (I just had to say that too.)
    Enjoy your day with lots of yummy food, great books, and rain puddles. Let’s just hope it’ll rain for you today.

  6. Brea Johnson says:

    I’m sorry, but you can’t smell?
    Woah. I never knew there was a condition like that! I’d say you poor thing, but you don’t seem too worried about it, anyway. :P
    Happy Birthday! Have a wonderful one. Eat lot of cake. Get great books. :)

  7. Aww, it’s so great that you have been really enjoying this birthday! I never knew there was a condition where you could not smell – oh wow! Also, sometimes I let loose my five year old self when puddles are near too. LOL. I am so glad to have learnt these little tidbits about you. I especially agree with numero uno, because YOU ARE AWESOME! Enjoy what remains, and I wish you many more birthdays!

  8. Valerie says:

    AHHHHH HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And yes, one day you will travel the world! I hope you had an awesome day :D

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sorry for screaming (not really). I love the #1 thing about you…you truly are awesome (no explanation needed). I hope you’ve had a lovely day!

  10. alice-jane says:

    Cee, I hope you have an incredible, happy, font-filled, joyous and (maybe) crazy birthday! I love puddles, too, especially when I have my rain boots on. That feeling of seeing water splash… Ohohoho.

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CEE! Hope your birthday is filled with love, books, and food. :D Wow I did not know there was such thing as anosmia, but that’s cool b/c while everyone is smelling some yucky, pungent smell, you’re like HA I can’t smell it!

  12. I’M LATEEEEE (but then again I was making your banner so….). I hope you had a fabulous birthday <33

    No. 1 was seriously just a brand new fact. I HAD NO IDEA. (heh JK ILY <3). OMG DIGIMON?! CEE, WHY HAVE WE NOT TALKED ABOUT THIS. DIGIMONNNNNN.

    I'm fascinated that you don't have a sense of smell but I guess it's not too bad. You'll obviously travel the world with you-know-who ;D Awww, I feel the same way about snow hehe.

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! No sense of smell? I chalk it up to being hereditary… that’s so interesting.

    Also, never left WC?? Wow… I’ve never been to the WC though and all up and down the Caribbean and Eastern USA and UK…

  14. Perfect Seb dancing gif is perfect! :D :D :D

    I’m so glad this is one of your best birthdays ever, because that makes me feel special that I have been a part of it! You are amazing, and we are lucky to have you.

    Ohmygosh DIGIMON. I do not even care that they kinda ripped off Pokemon, I loved them anyway. And ew, who likes boys?

    I’ve never been into the western part of Australia, or left my country at all, so i understand your feels. But one day we will both travel, Cee, and it will be amazing! I will go to London and Colin will fall madly in love with me as per my fic.

    When it is raining, I am at my happiest, to be honest. I love it. Although yes soggy socks are seriously one of the most disgusting things EVER. My high school was completely outdoors, with buildings only for the classrooms so whenever it rained we all turned into drowned rats and there was no drainage and everyone’s shoes and socks would get wet and we’d have to spend the whole day like that and ew it was simply horrendous. BUT RAIN = LOVE.


  15. Finley Jayne says:


  16. I’m a day late commenting here but I SAID IT ON TWITTER OKAY, no hate.

    HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CEE! Here’s to another year of Seb, dinosaur noises and general all-around awesomeness! <3

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