December 19, 2012 • Cee • Blog News

The idea of starting a blog had always been in the back of mind. I tried many times (from a fashion blog to art blog), but it never stuck to me. Oftentimes, I convinced myself that I was extremely dedicated in it but I actually wasn’t or I found myself second guessing the content of the blog. I ended up putting pictures with no text content in it, which to me, defeats the whole purpose of me starting a blog. I figured that the topics I ventured into was something I was interested in, but it turned out I wasn’t. What differs from the previous times I started blogs is that I have a lot of thoughts toward books and writing. I found myself thinking about what I wanted to write about. One thing people will figure out is that I like to prepare myself beforehand especially when I’m dedicated in a project. As I write, there are tons of drafts waiting for me (all of which have some sort of text already written out). I wanted to do something that will show my thoughts about the things I love, and that is through writing.

I rarely express my personal thoughts in a thorough fashion because I feel like I am always incoherent, trying to explain it without being absolutely tongue-tied or being conscious of what I’m saying to the point I don’t say anything at all. However, with this blog, I will attempt to hone it in a way that’s absolutely clear.

I know there are already tons of blogs out in the Internet, so what makes this blog so special? To be honest, nothing at all. The content will be different (in what I choose to talk about and read), but I think that’s about it. This blog is more for me in developing my craft and my thoughts. An adventure for an aspiring author, who loves books.



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